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Little Twin Stars Bio


Names : Kiki (Younger Brother) & Lala (Older Sister)

Japanese Names : リトルツインスターズ (ritoru tsuin suta-zu); キキ (Kiki) and ララ (Lala, lit. Rara)

Birthday : 24th December 1975

Birthplace : Compassion Planet in Dream Galaxy

Family : Their father was an inventor, and their mother, a poetess

Friends : The sun, the moon, the stars, the clouds, and a host of sprites,faeries, and animals

Favorite things
Kiki - likes to fish for stars, invent things, and explore for new planets.
Lala - likes to draw pictures, compose poetry and cook (soups are her forte).

Favorite seasons :
Kiki - likes spring and summer best. (He likes to look down on fields of dandelions from his cloud-top perch.)
Lala - likes fall and winter best. (She loves to write letters to her mother and father while floating in the clear winter sky.)

With permission from Mother-Star and Father-Star they set out for a visit to Earth. Lala’s star wand led them on their journey. Ever since they arrived, the Little Twin Stars have been spreading happiness to everyone they meet.

All info from Sanrio, Sanrio Jap and Wikipedia.