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KittyLab @ Singapore Expo

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

In celebration of Hello Kitty’s35th Birthday, KittyLab was conceived. It started in Hong Kong where I heard it was a pretty good response. I was a little excited when I heard that it was coming to Singapore.

I asked around to see if anyone would be going but it seems no one was after hearing about how exp tics were. They were $35 per person. Well, since I wasn’t a HK fan and there was no one to go with, I decided not to go … until free tics dropped on my lap ;)

Haha, who wouldn’t want to go if tics were FREE?

So my sis and I made our way down to KittyLab on Tues.


It was held at the Singapore Expo.


Unfortunately no photo taking was allowed. We could only take pics outside.


Map of KittyLab …. we were given a KTA which we brought to the different stations that would ultimately decide what yr Hello Kitty would look like.


My sis’s card is on the left and mine is on the right .. haha, mine is a “Girly Kitty that is affectionate and cuddly”


A little sad that Little Twin Stars could not be chosen as one of Kitty’s friends. My Kitty’s friend is Purin and Ghost’s was Kerropi.


There were 10 stations and each station lasted 10secs. If u finished all stations within 35mins, u would get a badge at the end of it.

This was what alot of ppl complained about but lucky for us, there was no crowd so we managed to finish our round with more than enough time to spare.

Since no photos could be taken and there wasn’t really much else to see and do (we could not repeat the games) we made our way out…


We were given lanyards that we could keep and outside of KittyLab was a HKO booth.

We were able to have a really cute photo taking with some Sanrio characters but once again, no Little Twin Stars :(



Mine was Hello Kitty! :P

We were also given a 400 points Gloot card each to be used ingame. Haha, lots of goodies for us!

I thought the photo taking was really cool and plus it was free! If u wanted more tics u had to buy the Gloot cards that were selling for $10 each.

My Interview on HKO.

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

A contact of my bro was looking for a HKO fan for an interview and so he asked me if I was interested. I jumped at the chance as I am that crazy over the game :P

Here’s the article that appeared in today’s My Paper. Ya, that’s me … and u can find out my age too *HIDES*


I wanted to carry something LTS but they would NOT allow!! They said it had to be HK :P

I talked a lot during the interview but not much showed up in the actual article. No mentioned of my love for the twins, Kiki and Lala :( or the fact that I have been playing the game since CB time. Oh well, its still a great article on HKO and I am very happy with the pic that was chosen ;)

The pic was taken at HarborFront yesterday where a Sanrio Fair was on. There was also an area where ppl could sign up for the SGP/MYS Founders’ Beta. The whole photoshoot was fun and she kept asking me to “act cute” … Hahaha, I’m not that good at that :P

*Edit* - Nope, I was not allowed to keep that Hello Kitty plush :P

First day in Paris! - 21 March

Monday, April 6th, 2009

I arrived in Paris on 21 March in the morning and after dumping my bags at my motel, I set out to do some sightseeing.


My first stop was Notre Dame cathedral



Here are some views of the inside.


This statue on the outside looks very familiar. I wonder if I have seen it b4 somewhere or I’m just imagining things.

After that I walked around the streets of Paris and that was when I was stalked by Hello Kitty!




She was everywhere! I swear this was all taken within a couple of hrs.

I made my way back to my hotel b4 heading for more shopping. Wanted to check out the stores as they would be closed on Sunday which leaves Monday the only other day to do my shopping.

My shopping led me to Champ-Elysees where all the branded boutiques are and also the famous arch of Paris.




It was 284 steps to go up the arch!


It looks like a seashell!



Views from the top ….

I will be heading to the Eiffel Tower the next day .. very excited about it :D

Little Twin Stars from Ben in Beijing :)

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

I have a friend, Ben, who is based in Beijing. He gets to come home about 4 times a year and when he does, a bunch of us would have our meet up.

He is one of my many friends that know my love for LTS and so when he spotted a Sanrio shop in Beijing, he could not help but take a few pics for me …



There’s Hello Kitty! He said that most of the stuff there is HK … which is not surprising.


The little corner with LTS stuff …. these is the winter collection.


Hehe … he could not resist getting me something and it came in this cute paperbag.


Here’s my gift from Ben who just came back on Fri … its a LTS keychain! So adorable!! I love it :D

Thanks Ben!!


Friday, January 16th, 2009

I got a text message from Grace of the Bugis Street outlet telling me that there were some new LTS stuff had come in. Since it was a Fri and I had no plans, I dragged my sis and her bf down too :D

Here’s what I bought!


This is one bottle, just showing u the pic all around :)


This is a small little plastic container … its heart shaped and pink, what’s not to like?


And here’s a blue square one. Hmm …. thinking of what I can use them for ….


These are the star shaped sweets that came in the plastic containers.


And I had a surprise! This is the ang pow as a gift for my purchase! Hehe, isn’t it cute? I think I love it more than the items that I bought .. and the best part? I was given TWO! Haha :P

There were ang pows of the other characters too ;)

Anyway, after shopping, we all went for dinner @ Mos Burger before heading home. But look what we spotted while waiting for our bus.


Its a PINK Hello Kitty motorcycle! Beside her is a Doreamon motorcycle … haha. Sorry for the poor quality of this pic but it was taken with my phone’s camera.

Countdown to 2009!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Looking forward to seeing everyone in OB in 2009!

Have a safe and happy New Year’s eve celebration! Till next year!

Hello Kitty UNO

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

A break away from my Little Twin Stars stuff!

I saw that Sugar_chan had a Hello Kitty UNO set and I remembered getting my sis one long long time ago, mailing it home to her when I was still in the US.

I went to her room and immediately found it in her cupboard.


Sugar_chan has a nicer tin, her’s is the shape of Hello Kitty.



The cards have never been played with and each number has a different pic of HK. They even have a special “Love Me Not” card. Not too sure how that works :P


Ok, since a few ppl expressed interest in the card, I dug out the cards and the instructions. Here’s what it says about the “Love Me Not Card”

“The exclusive Hello Kitty Love Me Not card is a wild card permitting the use at any point through the course of play. Upon playing the Love Me Not card, the player who plays this card immediately “calls out” a color and discards one card in that color on top of the Love Me Not card. Every other player then has to either discard a card from their hand if he/she has the called color or they must select a card from the draw pile if they do not have the called color. Players discarding from their hand must say “Love Me Not” out loud and players drawing a card from the draw pile must say “Love Me Not” out loud. If a player does not say this as soon as either the card hits the discard pile or the card drawn is in their hand they can be penalized two additional cards from the draw pile. The penalty is only given if another player saysthe correct p[hrase before the player who is supposed to say does. All command cards are “wild” and can be used as the chosen color. The “Love Me Not” round ends when it reaches the player who played the “Love Me Not” card. If a player discards their second to last card in the course of Love Me Not play, they must call UNO before saying “Love Me”. Failure to say this in the correct order will make a player subject to the 2-card penalty if caught by another player. A player can Go Out and Win the Game on this card”

*fingers hurt from all the typing*


Name the Characters!

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Edited - 14 August


I got this cute plastic bag when buying my Little Twin Stars stuff. Lets see if we can name them all. I only know few of them ….

Starting from Hello Kitty(if u don’t know her, I have no comments), clockwise,

1. Pokopon (iheartbadtz)   8. Monkichi (LittleWonder and iheartbadtz)

2. Keroppi                       9. Mina No Tabo (LittleWonder & iheartbadtz)

3. Lala                                  10. Pochacco (Iheartbadtz)

4. Kiki                        11. Ahiru no Pekkle (LittleWonder & iheartbadtz)

5. Hangyodon (iheartbadtz)     12. Patty (iheartbadtz)

6. Tuxedo Sam (iheartbadtz)   13. Jimmy (iheartbadtz)

7. Badtz Maru

And in the middle we have Purin (top) and My Melody (bottom).

I’m not doing too well :(

Thanks to LittleWonder and iheartbadtz for finally giving names to the characters. I have added links to the names if u are interested in reading more about the characters.

No Little Twin Stars Theme? :(

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I’m really upset that there isn’t a Little Twin Stars theme for the blog. So the other option is Hello Kitty. This blog of mine would be mainly pictures of my Little Twin Stars stuff and pics that I would like to share with fans.

If u are interested in reading my other blog … well, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out :)