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KittyLab @ Singapore Expo

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

In celebration of Hello Kitty’s35th Birthday, KittyLab was conceived. It started in Hong Kong where I heard it was a pretty good response. I was a little excited when I heard that it was coming to Singapore.

I asked around to see if anyone would be going but it seems no one was after hearing about how exp tics were. They were $35 per person. Well, since I wasn’t a HK fan and there was no one to go with, I decided not to go … until free tics dropped on my lap ;)

Haha, who wouldn’t want to go if tics were FREE?

So my sis and I made our way down to KittyLab on Tues.


It was held at the Singapore Expo.


Unfortunately no photo taking was allowed. We could only take pics outside.


Map of KittyLab …. we were given a KTA which we brought to the different stations that would ultimately decide what yr Hello Kitty would look like.


My sis’s card is on the left and mine is on the right .. haha, mine is a “Girly Kitty that is affectionate and cuddly”


A little sad that Little Twin Stars could not be chosen as one of Kitty’s friends. My Kitty’s friend is Purin and Ghost’s was Kerropi.


There were 10 stations and each station lasted 10secs. If u finished all stations within 35mins, u would get a badge at the end of it.

This was what alot of ppl complained about but lucky for us, there was no crowd so we managed to finish our round with more than enough time to spare.

Since no photos could be taken and there wasn’t really much else to see and do (we could not repeat the games) we made our way out…


We were given lanyards that we could keep and outside of KittyLab was a HKO booth.

We were able to have a really cute photo taking with some Sanrio characters but once again, no Little Twin Stars :(



Mine was Hello Kitty! :P

We were also given a 400 points Gloot card each to be used ingame. Haha, lots of goodies for us!

I thought the photo taking was really cool and plus it was free! If u wanted more tics u had to buy the Gloot cards that were selling for $10 each.

HKO Jail!! Eeek!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Note : As there is still an on going case with this matter in Kitty Kourt, all faces and names have been distorted to protect identities of all parties.

Once upon a time, there were two little girls who were bored in HKO. They had finished all their quests and had nothing to do.

When no one was around, or so they thought, they decided to have a little fun.


It was just words, they didn’t think they were hurting anyone.

However, before they could even say “HKO”, they were spotted by a GM in disguise and whisked off to JAIL aka the Time Out Room!


Eeek! What’s going on? They couldn’t say a word!


They were told that as a punishment for their behavior, they were sentenced to 20mins in HKO Jail!

They tried to explain that they didn’t hurt anyone, that no one was around to hear/read what they wrote but they were not able to communicate with ANYONE! :(

When they clicked on the lone NPC (who wasn’t at all helpful) all that that happened was the following window popping up.


It looks like the gals broke the HKO Rules of Conduct.

There wasn’t anything that could be done until they were out of jail.

“We are going to sue, we tell ya. SUE!!” they were thinking.

They felt that they should have at least been given a warning before being sent straight to jail.



They decided to explore the jail while waiting for the time to run out. In that time, it seems that there was another player that got sent there too!

The girls strongly suspected that the boy was actually the GM in disguise who sent them to jail. He was just there to gloat at them!!

When the 20mins were finally up, they found themselves dropped at Sanrio Harbor.


“But that’s not where we were before!! How rude!”

After that incident, the gals have decided to play nice so as not to break anymore rules and risked being sent to jail again.

However, they are suing for compensation for the emotional trauma they had to suffer through. They have yet to figure out which was the GM that was responsible.

Interview appeared in the papers!

Friday, October 16th, 2009


Haha, it came out online first but then they finally published the article in the papers.

If u want to read it, pls go here.

Thanks to Susan who took a pic of the article and a certain someone who gave me the opportunity to do it ;)

HKO SEA Commercial Launch on Oct 15!!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009


Woohoo! FINALLY the commercial launch for HKO SEA is announced and it will be on 15 Oct! That is ONE week away! :D

It is scheduled to open on 15 Oct @ 1200hrs (GMT +8). That is the local Singapore time.

Pls visit the Gloot website for more info and see u all in game!

Another interview :P

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

The interview was done with The Star newspapers and it has been posted online. Not sure if the article actually came out in hardcopy.


Click here to read the full article.

This whole process actually started a few mths back. So glad to see the results of the interview AND self taking of pics. Unlike the last time when they had a professional photographer. But then, the newspapers is in Malaysia, so it would be quite troublesome to set things up .. hahaha.

Hehe, also featured in the article is Susan who is a huge Hello Kitty fan.

Yippee! Azog finally got the mail he was waiting for!

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

The person that was the most excited about the package I sent was also the last person to get it. Oh, the irony :P

I’m so glad it did not get lost in the mail!

Check out Azog’s blog for his post about it and more pics :D

As u all can tell, I have mailed everyone different Hello Kitty items and it was a headache trying to decide who gets what. I hope everyone liked their little something I threw in …. until next time!!!

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3 down, 1 more to go …..

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Yippee! shesroyaltee got her mail from me yesterday!

Check out the pic she took!

Hehe …. visit her blog for another pic of the little extra something I included inside and also read her post about it ;)

All that’s left now is Azog’s ….. where is it?? WHERE??

2 envelopes have reached Sweden and Malaysia!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Hehe, Noliai got hers on Mon and Sus got her package yesterday.

Here’s the pick that Sus took.

Check out her post on it ;)

We are now waiting for the envelopes to USA to arrive …. patience ;)

Gloot’s HKO CD :)

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Because the game is pretty large for a download for some ppl, Gloot also came out with a CD (or is it DVD? I’m not sure) game client. That way u can just install the game without the long download.

The CD is given out at Comic Connections throughout Singapore and as soon as I heard about it, I got Ghost to go grab a few!


Check out the REALLY cute CD! I think this is one thing that Gloot has done well :D

If u live in Singapore and want one, pls visit the Comic Connection stores but call them first to reserve as I know most stores are out of it already. Maybe if the demand is there, Gloot will make more? :P

U can also request for the CD to be mailed to u. But note that this is only available to Singapore and Malaysia addresses AND if u live in Malaysia, u will only get a PLAIN CD. The Singapore addresses will get the CD u see above.

Well, something as adorable as this has to be shared, right?


And so I’m mailing the extra copies I have (many thanks to Ghost) to some close friends I have made in HKO who are huge Hello Kitty fans.

Hope the CDs get to you all in one piece. I should be mailing them out tomorrow. When u guys get them, pls let me know ;)

Oops … just noticed I spelled Sweden wrong >.< *Grabs marker*

Events planned for HKO SEA CP!!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

One more day to go!!! Check out the list of events that have been posted on the Official HKO SEA website!

1)Meet The GM’s
Date: 5th August 2009
Time: 10 PM - 11 PM +8 GMT

Prize :

gm1.jpg Female gm2.jpg Male

2)Show Us Your Teamwork! (Friendship Week)
Date: Start Date (6th August 2009, 10 AM +8 GMT),
End Date (8th August 2009, 11 PM +8 GMT)

Prize :

crabplushtoy.jpg Same for males and females.

3)Rescue the GM
Date: 10th August 2009 - 12 August 2009 (3 Sessions Daily, 2 Hrs Each Session)
Time: 3 PM, 6 PM, 9 PM +8 GMT

Prize :

seq.jpg Pet Card!

4)Fun Times in HKO
Date: Start (14th August 2009, 12 AM +8 GMT)
End (17th August2009, 10 AM + 8GMT)

Prize :

female.jpg Same for males and females.

For more details on each event, pls click here.

See ya all TOMORROW!!! :D