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HKO Jail!! Eeek!

Note : As there is still an on going case with this matter in Kitty Kourt, all faces and names have been distorted to protect identities of all parties.

Once upon a time, there were two little girls who were bored in HKO. They had finished all their quests and had nothing to do.

When no one was around, or so they thought, they decided to have a little fun.


It was just words, they didn’t think they were hurting anyone.

However, before they could even say “HKO”, they were spotted by a GM in disguise and whisked off to JAIL aka the Time Out Room!


Eeek! What’s going on? They couldn’t say a word!


They were told that as a punishment for their behavior, they were sentenced to 20mins in HKO Jail!

They tried to explain that they didn’t hurt anyone, that no one was around to hear/read what they wrote but they were not able to communicate with ANYONE! :(

When they clicked on the lone NPC (who wasn’t at all helpful) all that that happened was the following window popping up.


It looks like the gals broke the HKO Rules of Conduct.

There wasn’t anything that could be done until they were out of jail.

“We are going to sue, we tell ya. SUE!!” they were thinking.

They felt that they should have at least been given a warning before being sent straight to jail.



They decided to explore the jail while waiting for the time to run out. In that time, it seems that there was another player that got sent there too!

The girls strongly suspected that the boy was actually the GM in disguise who sent them to jail. He was just there to gloat at them!!

When the 20mins were finally up, they found themselves dropped at Sanrio Harbor.


“But that’s not where we were before!! How rude!”

After that incident, the gals have decided to play nice so as not to break anymore rules and risked being sent to jail again.

However, they are suing for compensation for the emotional trauma they had to suffer through. They have yet to figure out which was the GM that was responsible.

15 Responses to “HKO Jail!! Eeek!”

  1. Says:

    oh my gosh! wait did you say the “F” word?

  2. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    Huh? Who said that was me? Hahaha …. u will never know!

  3. iheartbadtz Says:

    Based on the hair color, I have a few guesses on who these could be.XD

  4. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    LOL ;)

  5. Says:

    Haha! OMG I didn’t know they had a time out room! I guess the two “mysterious” girls will behave now!

  6. Says:

    Awesome story, love it, I also didn’t know about the Time Out room, I wonder if a GM could give me a friendly tour, btw, nice slippers on those avatars.

  7. tidesong Says:

    ooh the time out room looks nice though.

  8. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    - Last I heard, they have been good girls ;)

    - The slippers are cute aren’t they?

    - Hehe, ya, it is quite nice and funny when the only emote is :X

  9. Says:

    Oh… でも。。。 でも。。。 The girls didn’t mean it. And they didn’t even get to say, “Sorry” and be done with it? ): Ah, those girls are strong willed. I would cry if I was put in there. ^-^;;

  10. serenitycat Says:

    ahoy starr!!
    loved this post!
    Sounds like something a Pirate would get into!
    I know you hop into game at SEa- but haven’t managed to see you there adn say hello- sothought I’d drop you a hi and ahoy here in your blog! :)
    Take Care ~serenitycat

  11. Says:

    I wonder what happens when you click the weird fat judge? XD

  12. Says:

    Wow! I didn’t know there was a Time Out room. But then again, I’m playing the North American version of the game.
    Too bad those girls weren’t given a fair warning before being sent there. Sometimes we might say something that isn’t really vulgar but is still bleeped by the system.
    Looks like they’ve been tape-gagged (hence the X on their emotes) so they wouldn’t speak till their sentence is done.
    Hope you’re doing all right in the game. ^_^

  13. Says:

    (I hope I didn’t say anything bad in that last comment. Sorry if I did. Just voicing my opinion.)

  14. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    prologue - Well, the girls learnt their lesson..

    - Hehe, thanks .. it does seems like something a pirate would come up with ;)

    - The “Rules of Conduc” pops up when the judge is clicked.

    - Umm … u do know that this is fiction right? I dug it out from my overactive imagination ;)

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