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Gloot’s HKO CD :)

Because the game is pretty large for a download for some ppl, Gloot also came out with a CD (or is it DVD? I’m not sure) game client. That way u can just install the game without the long download.

The CD is given out at Comic Connections throughout Singapore and as soon as I heard about it, I got Ghost to go grab a few!


Check out the REALLY cute CD! I think this is one thing that Gloot has done well :D

If u live in Singapore and want one, pls visit the Comic Connection stores but call them first to reserve as I know most stores are out of it already. Maybe if the demand is there, Gloot will make more? :P

U can also request for the CD to be mailed to u. But note that this is only available to Singapore and Malaysia addresses AND if u live in Malaysia, u will only get a PLAIN CD. The Singapore addresses will get the CD u see above.

Well, something as adorable as this has to be shared, right?


And so I’m mailing the extra copies I have (many thanks to Ghost) to some close friends I have made in HKO who are huge Hello Kitty fans.

Hope the CDs get to you all in one piece. I should be mailing them out tomorrow. When u guys get them, pls let me know ;)

Oops … just noticed I spelled Sweden wrong >.< *Grabs marker*

12 Responses to “Gloot’s HKO CD :)”

  1. iheartbadtz Says:

    That’s so cute!

  2. Misty Princess Says:

    Cool ! the DVD client is so cute .

  3. Misty Princess Says:

    Hope it comes soon to my country so I can have one =)

  4. Bi Says:

    whyy =oh why malaysia gets the plain one!

  5. Says:

    Wooo hooo! I can’t wait for mine to arrive in my mailbox! Never been so excited about a DVD/CD before haha.

  6. Says:

    Lol @ you spelling Sweden wrong… I didn’t notice it until you said something!

  7. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    iheartbadtz - Hehe, even me, a non HK fan, thinks its cute :)

    Misty Princess
    - I think the company in charged of HKO in each area will be responsible for creating/distributing a DVD client. This DVD is only available to SGP. MYS got the plain one. I heard that it was designed by someone from Gloot.

    - :( Sorry, guess they like SGP better? :D

    - Hehe … I was tempted to retake the whole pic after I sharpie the “n” away but then decided I was too lazy :P

  8. noliai Says:

    I loved it, loved it, loved it! It’s so cute!
    And lol at the misspelling. When I saw the pic I noticed it at once and was like “wait, it said Sweden on the envelope I got” and I had to run and check. Didn’t even noticed the n being marked out until just now :P

  9. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    :) U are welcome! *Hides from embarrassment*

  10. bbegirl Says:

    That’s so cool that you are sending it out to friends to try!

  11. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    Haha, they are actually already playing the game, I sending it to them as the CD looks too cute not to share :D

  12. Says:

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