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Trip to Thailand! 8-10 Aug.

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

My company had a short trip to Thailand a few weekends ago. Here are some pics … finally :P

It was a very rushed trip, we went from SGP -> BKK -> Rayong -> Pattaya -> Rayong -> Koh Samet -> BKK  -> SGP all in THREE days!


Hehe … I do use some of my stuff! It was an early morning flight to BKK.

When we reached BKK, we immediately left for Rayong.


This is the beach at our Rayong resort.

After a massage and a few moments by the pool, we headed for a nite trip to Pattaya.


We were there to see a show and also to grab dinner. It was really yummy!


The next day we headed to Koh Samet … journey by speedboat! Waters were pretty bumpy, luckily I am not prone to seasickness.


We made it to the island!


And then it was another bumpy truck ride to our resort on Koh Samet.


View of the beach @ Koh Samet.


We had lunch at the resort b4 changing into our suits and enjoying the water and massage. Unfortunately there wasn’t much sun and so I did not get the tan I wanted to :(


For dinner, we headed into the small village near our resort … Haha, that was not the first bottle of beer I had … nor the last ;)


Look at what I found at the 7-11 store @ Samet!!! Hello Kitty tissue! She is everywhere, even on this remote part of the island.

The next day, it was time to leave ….


One last shot b4 we left the island and then it was traveling and more traveling back to BKK.

We had a few hrs to spare so we stopped by a shopping center when we reached BKK.


Had a bite to eat b4 we did our shopping. Had not much time so we did not really buy much. I got some t-shirts and belts.

After shopping it was to the airport and then back to S’pore. It was a tiring trip, I think I need another 3 day weekend of doing NOTHING to recover from my 3 day trip :P

Yippee! Azog finally got the mail he was waiting for!

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

The person that was the most excited about the package I sent was also the last person to get it. Oh, the irony :P

I’m so glad it did not get lost in the mail!

Check out Azog’s blog for his post about it and more pics :D

As u all can tell, I have mailed everyone different Hello Kitty items and it was a headache trying to decide who gets what. I hope everyone liked their little something I threw in …. until next time!!!

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More shopping and a gift!

Friday, August 21st, 2009

I have actually bought these items a few weeks back but did not have a chance to post them as I was in Thailand over the National Day weekend. I will post some pics from my trip soon.


These are actually mini cushions. I have a AA battery on the right so that u guys have a comparison. I really love them as they look especially cute!


Yeah! I got my star-shaped alarm clock!

Here they are sleeping again :P This is a dispenser. Its a little big for a hand soap dispenser, so I have yet to figure out what I am going to do with it.

After shopping, my sis, Gwen and I went to Mos Burger for dinner. The moment I sat down, my sis was like “Don’t u want to look at the things that u bought?” I did not think anything of it as I do like to relook at the items I just bought. The moment I opened the bag, I saw an additional item inside!!


My sis and Gwen got me this star-shaped dish! Hehe, I was contemplating buying it the last time I was a the store but eventually decided against it as I was already spending too much $$.

Both of them were at the store earlier and had bought it. With the help of Grace, they managed to sneak the item into the bag of stuff that I have gotten.

Thanks gals! :)

3 down, 1 more to go …..

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Yippee! shesroyaltee got her mail from me yesterday!

Check out the pic she took!

Hehe …. visit her blog for another pic of the little extra something I included inside and also read her post about it ;)

All that’s left now is Azog’s ….. where is it?? WHERE??

2 envelopes have reached Sweden and Malaysia!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Hehe, Noliai got hers on Mon and Sus got her package yesterday.

Here’s the pick that Sus took.

Check out her post on it ;)

We are now waiting for the envelopes to USA to arrive …. patience ;)

Gloot’s HKO CD :)

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Because the game is pretty large for a download for some ppl, Gloot also came out with a CD (or is it DVD? I’m not sure) game client. That way u can just install the game without the long download.

The CD is given out at Comic Connections throughout Singapore and as soon as I heard about it, I got Ghost to go grab a few!


Check out the REALLY cute CD! I think this is one thing that Gloot has done well :D

If u live in Singapore and want one, pls visit the Comic Connection stores but call them first to reserve as I know most stores are out of it already. Maybe if the demand is there, Gloot will make more? :P

U can also request for the CD to be mailed to u. But note that this is only available to Singapore and Malaysia addresses AND if u live in Malaysia, u will only get a PLAIN CD. The Singapore addresses will get the CD u see above.

Well, something as adorable as this has to be shared, right?


And so I’m mailing the extra copies I have (many thanks to Ghost) to some close friends I have made in HKO who are huge Hello Kitty fans.

Hope the CDs get to you all in one piece. I should be mailing them out tomorrow. When u guys get them, pls let me know ;)

Oops … just noticed I spelled Sweden wrong >.< *Grabs marker*

Events planned for HKO SEA CP!!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

One more day to go!!! Check out the list of events that have been posted on the Official HKO SEA website!

1)Meet The GM’s
Date: 5th August 2009
Time: 10 PM - 11 PM +8 GMT

Prize :

gm1.jpg Female gm2.jpg Male

2)Show Us Your Teamwork! (Friendship Week)
Date: Start Date (6th August 2009, 10 AM +8 GMT),
End Date (8th August 2009, 11 PM +8 GMT)

Prize :

crabplushtoy.jpg Same for males and females.

3)Rescue the GM
Date: 10th August 2009 - 12 August 2009 (3 Sessions Daily, 2 Hrs Each Session)
Time: 3 PM, 6 PM, 9 PM +8 GMT

Prize :

seq.jpg Pet Card!

4)Fun Times in HKO
Date: Start (14th August 2009, 12 AM +8 GMT)
End (17th August2009, 10 AM + 8GMT)

Prize :

female.jpg Same for males and females.

For more details on each event, pls click here.

See ya all TOMORROW!!! :D

Its August!

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

The twins are dressed in their little kimonos and they are saying こんにちは (konnichiwa) to everyone! :)


To get the full sized wallpaper, pls visit here.

Pls save the pic onto your comp as the calendar changes every mth!