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This is a bragging post ….

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Haha, be forewarned that this post is a purely to brag :P

Anyway, what does a girl do in HKO when all her quests have been completed? Well, I decided that I wanted to collect all the pet cards that were available!

This is my collection of 30 pet cards that I got during the HKO SEA Founders’ Beta. The only ones I did not get (and probably not planning to get) are the ones from the leaders.

The reason being that there is only ONE leader and they take about 3mins to “wake up” so I don’t think I have the patience to camp for more than 8hrs at a single monster, no matter how cute, just for the probability that it might drop a RARE card.

Hats off to my sis who has collected 2 rare leader cards so far, the Fierce Webley and Fierce Snapper.

The 2 that took me the longest to get were the Brambly , which I got on the 546 hit and the Redwing, which I got on the 807 hit. Yes, I kept track. Almost gave up on the Redwing which was also the final card I needed.

There is still more than a week b4 FB ends, what do I do now?

Wow! Sanrio is loving LTS this mth!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009


Did anyone else notice that the banner u see on top of the Sanriotown webpage is a LTS one?


Also, they FINALLY brought back a LTS stamp for when u send emails. It has been MONTHS since they had one!


If u head to the download page on and go to the desktop themes, you would be able to download the full sized wallpaper.

But the most exciting thing is that …..


There is a LTS SCREENSAVER here!!!

This is only a screenshot … the pic moves and changes … VERY VERY CUTE! U guys have to download it … like NOW!

Watch out soon for new LTS stuff coming out in Jul :D

The farm that Cyndle made for me! :)

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

After seeing all the cool farms that Cyndle made for others, I begged and pleaded her to make me one too!

Hehe .. and so one day, while I was online, she PM me, asked me over to her farm to see the artist at work!


She has planted all the plants .. now to water them.

WAHAHAHA! I loved it! I thought she would have done an “S” but it was a GORGEOUS star!

If u look closely, the strawberries in the middle is an “S”, but it got covered by the other plants.

I LOVE it!

Thanks again, Cyndle!!

I got my LTS jewelry cabinet!

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Hehe, I actually got this a few weeks back but with HKO opening and all, I just have not found the time to post it.


Isn’t it cute? Can u imagine if it was “life” sized and I could actually put it in my room? O.o


I love the stars and the cute knobs.


The drawer on the left is for rings.



Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Oh wow, how time flies and before u know it, half the year is gone. The most exciting thing about July is that Hello Kitty Online SEA is going into commercial launch (CL)


But u can start playing NOW! Head on to for more info.


Its summer time! Kiki and Lala are enjoying ice cream by the beach on a cloud ;)

For a full sized wallpaper, pls click here. As always, pls save a copy to your computer as the pic at the link changes every mth.