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Hello Kitty Online North America is almost here!


After a long long wait, HKO NA is open for sign up for its Beta!

No date has been given on when the beta would start or whether characters would be deleted after the beta is over. I don’t understand why its still beta when ID already has its commercial launch.

I wonder if this is the version that we will be getting all the things we have won in events since CB. I sure hope so.

Looks like I’m going to have to split my time between HKO SEA and NA. I’m hoping to see a whole lot of familiar players on the NA server.

Can’t wait!! :D

6 Responses to “Hello Kitty Online North America is almost here!”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Yea I just signed up, I’m so excited. I didn’t get the chance to play HKO SEA, is it still the same????

  2. Says:

    I need to create a new account to play?or my .my accout work and the old account??

  3. Says:

    Hi again…i dont understand…why we dont have a beta in europe?like portugal??please send me answer when you read this….

  4. bbegirl Says:

    You need to signup again, I thought the NA version is where we get to keep our “old” stuff from all the other events.

  5. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    Rosie - Yes, HKO SEA and HKO NA would be the same assuming that they will be updated to the same versions.

    - Your current sanriotown account will work, but u still need to sign up with aeria games as they are the ones in charged of the game in NA.

    - Yup, I’ve signed up …. now to wait to be chosen :P The 3 questions they asked are funny/weird/random.

  6. Misty Princess Says:

    I sign up too cant wait . See you in-game the 5 of August :)

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