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A gift all the way from Thailand!

My group of friends recently went to Thailand and look what they got me all the way from Bangkok!


Hehe … I love my friends that support my addition /obsession.

And of cos they tried to convince me to go with them next year, telling me “There are a lot of Little Twin Stars stuff there!!!!”

Thanks again to Huiyi, Shanice and Yvonne! :D

8 Responses to “A gift all the way from Thailand!”

  1. Says:

    Awww what awesome friends to bring you such a cool gift! Lucky you!

  2. Says:

    That’s so cute! :’D you’re friends and the oven glove.
    When my friend were in Prague she bought me a pair of Spongebob underwear xD hehe ^-^

  3. thuey Says:

    Hi!! I’m be the one who crazy little twin stars.
    Surprising to see your blocks.

    I’m from Thailand, I collect many LTS items. Perhape we can share together.

    My email
    If u use msn messenger,please add me.

    Nice to see u


  4. thuey Says:

    Oh. I want to show u new items in Thailand,it’s bed sheets

    so cute very much. I’ve already bought it, the color in this picture not the same like true color. True color is so beautiful

    Look it, Do u have it yet ?


  5. msmisery Says:

    Nice of your friends helping you with your LTS collection. (=^.^=)

  6. iheartbadtz Says:

    Nice friends! So are you going with them to Thailand next year?XD

  7. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    tchan - hehe, this is not the first time they have gotten LTS stuff from overseas for me. I love my friends!

    - And the good thing about this blog is that my friends visit it too so they know what I have and what I don’t :D

    - HI! Always great to meet another LTS fan :) The sheets are really cute but I think I’m too old to be sleeping on them. Hahaha.

    - Yup, they are the best. The usually have no trouble finding gifts for me ;)

    - Hmm …. can consider. My sis seems really interested in going after hearing my friends talk about all the shopping and food.

  8. Says:

    I’m late! O_O But cute oven mitt! Your friends are so nice helping you with your addiction/obsession! lol.

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