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Goodbye HKO SEA FB

HKO SEA FB ended last nite :(


It was a fun FB where I got to meet old (no pun intended) GMs like GM_Calealen but also met new ones like GM_Kitolo and GM_Cyrene … check out her nun outfit courtesy of Kitolo :D Ghost and I also mastered the art of floating on water! LOL!

I’m going to miss all the friends I made in FB!!

But don’t fret, the commercial preview will be back on 31st July 2009 5th Auguest with “Brand new Item Mall, additional towns, additional quests and of course our SUPER FUN IN-GAME EVENTS!

Visit the official HKO SEA Blog for updates … or just keep visiting my blog :D

Cya all on 31st July 2009!! 5th August 2009!!!