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My Interview on HKO.

A contact of my bro was looking for a HKO fan for an interview and so he asked me if I was interested. I jumped at the chance as I am that crazy over the game :P

Here’s the article that appeared in today’s My Paper. Ya, that’s me … and u can find out my age too *HIDES*


I wanted to carry something LTS but they would NOT allow!! They said it had to be HK :P

I talked a lot during the interview but not much showed up in the actual article. No mentioned of my love for the twins, Kiki and Lala :( or the fact that I have been playing the game since CB time. Oh well, its still a great article on HKO and I am very happy with the pic that was chosen ;)

The pic was taken at HarborFront yesterday where a Sanrio Fair was on. There was also an area where ppl could sign up for the SGP/MYS Founders’ Beta. The whole photoshoot was fun and she kept asking me to “act cute” … Hahaha, I’m not that good at that :P

*Edit* - Nope, I was not allowed to keep that Hello Kitty plush :P