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Direct Download Links for HKO SEA

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

** UPDATE **

Click here for the OFFICIAL DIRECT DOWNLOAD!!!


A couple of players (Kaito and Miao) have uploaded the game onto Megaupload, I have not tried them so I can’t really offer much info on them. Here’s the link to both of them … u can post on the Gloot forums if u have trouble with them.

Click here to go to the Gloot forums posting for the links

** Kaito’s have all 5 parts uploaded but Miao is still in the midst of uploaded the last 2 parts.

Guess this will have to do until Gloot comes up with an official direct download link. Hopefully more ppl would be able to play the game now.

Cya all ingame!


Adventures with GM_Kitolo :)

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

It all started one day when I was trying to get out of the farm market and head to the Sanrio Harbor to look for Ghost …


Next thing I knew, I was stuck in a pile of hay! I could not move! I yelled to GM_Kitolo to save this damsel in distress :)

He was quick to the rescue but while trying to beam me to Sanrio Harbor, I found myself in a strange Farm Market right out of the twilight zone!


EEK! There were weird boxes and even weirder monsters in the room! Check out that Banana Kart!

GM_Kitolo worked his GM magic and b4 I knew it, I was in the Sanrio Harbor and Ghost was waiting there all along for me.

But not for long ….


GM_Kitolo found us and scared the behjeezus out of me!


I asked him what he wanted and that this was our secret spot :P GM_Kitolo wasn’t too happy we did not want to shared our secret spot especially after saving me and so …


He banished me to the top of the cliff! YIKES!


After a little negotiating with the almighty GM, he finally agreed to set me down peacefully.

This of cos was just one big adventure for Ghost … it wasn’t her life on the line :P


Unfortunately, it seems that our secret spot didn’t remain secret for long … and so we taught icygalx the art of kachiaoing GM_Kitolo! Hahahaha.

Of cos GM_Kitolo wasn’t going to sit there and let us have our way with him! He decided enough was enough and so he used his powerful GM mind control, beam all the players into his farm ….


And made us his SLAVES! He made us clear all the plant and trees on his farm as he has something special in mind for us!

He kicked us out after utilizing us for manual labor and then for the next hr or so, he was alone in his farm tinkering away. He refused entry to everyone … it was a mystery to what was going on inside.

The wait was finally over and then he invited everyone into his farm!


Oh wow! Look what the busy little GM came up with! As a reward for being his slaves, he let us farm on his farm which was a leveling heaven! :D

Wonder what the next adventure would be …

P.S. There is no GM mind control, don’t worry, no one was harmed :P

Lost in HKO SEA :P

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Haha, sorry for not updating in awhile but the Founders Beta for Hello Kitty Online Sea East Asia (HKO SEA) has opened and I have been lost in the world of Kitty and friends :)

Here are some of my adventures while in Sanrioland …

I was not able to use my original ign Starrfire7 and so I had to settle for St4rrfire7. From what I was told, its because of the filter that is in place :( I really that it could be fixed as I really do love my nick and have been using it since Closed Beta times.


My sis, Ghost, was one of the first ppl I met in game. Love that red hair is now one of the options in the very beginning when u create yr character.


I bumped into Serenity, now know as Seren. She was also hit by the name filter bug :(


I have met OoadelineoO in the Gloot forums and was happy to see her ingame ;)


There are new GMs for HKO SEA. Here’s 2 of them. I really love nich’s kimono outfit! And there’s GM_Kitolo … who would slowly become HKO SEA’s most famous GM of all!


Met another old friend … here’s sheroyaltee. Great to see some familiar faces.

I was chatting with GM_Kitolo … btw, his name always make me smile as “Kitolo” sounds like “Where U Go” in Hokkien (I think its Hokkien, but definitely some dialect).

Anywho …. back to GM_Kitolo …. I mentioned to him my love for LTS and he said that he had some Kiki and Lala slippers!! OMG, you would not believe how excited I was! He beamed to where I was to show off his spanking new slippers!


Haha … Lala does not look like her as the hair is too short! But Kiki looks exactly like he should. I think they should make a pair that is one side Lala and the other side Kiki, wouldn’t that be cool? I can’t wait to be able to get my own slippers.


Hehe …. here are the twins!


Or are we triplets? :P I was waiting for the damn monster to wake up so I could whack him again!


I found Cyndle! Haha, she was in the HH open beta (I think) and has been really active in the Gloot forums.


And last but not least …. azog!

This FB so far has not really been what I expected. I was hoping more ppl would be in the game. However, because all data would be erased, I have a few friends from past betas who aren’t so keen on joining this one. More so is that it seems the commercial launch (CL) would be in Jul. With the CL being so soon after, most decided to wait as the game content would mainly be the same.

If u want to join me, go to Gloot to sign up for an a/c and download the torrent. Ya, I know, torrent … boo, but it only took me about 1 day to download. I really hope that they would split up the files and do like what HKO ID (Indonesia) did.

Hope to cya all ingame!

My Interview on HKO.

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

A contact of my bro was looking for a HKO fan for an interview and so he asked me if I was interested. I jumped at the chance as I am that crazy over the game :P

Here’s the article that appeared in today’s My Paper. Ya, that’s me … and u can find out my age too *HIDES*


I wanted to carry something LTS but they would NOT allow!! They said it had to be HK :P

I talked a lot during the interview but not much showed up in the actual article. No mentioned of my love for the twins, Kiki and Lala :( or the fact that I have been playing the game since CB time. Oh well, its still a great article on HKO and I am very happy with the pic that was chosen ;)

The pic was taken at HarborFront yesterday where a Sanrio Fair was on. There was also an area where ppl could sign up for the SGP/MYS Founders’ Beta. The whole photoshoot was fun and she kept asking me to “act cute” … Hahaha, I’m not that good at that :P

*Edit* - Nope, I was not allowed to keep that Hello Kitty plush :P

It has been awhile …

Monday, June 15th, 2009

since I did some LTS shopping. I usually go to the Bugis outlet, Ringo Ya, but it had closed down because her lease was up and the new lease was alot more expensive.

The store has since moved to a newly renovated shopping center called PoMo (formerly known as Paradiz Center) and had just opened. I made my way down to visit my fellow LTS fan and also to check out the new merchandise.


The store is located on the second floor. Take the escalators up, turn right, another right, walk and you should see it.


Very pink, u can’t miss it! :D


This was given by one of her very loyal customers! Haha, she said ppl constantly touched Kitty. There is actually a smaller HK behind but I forgot to take a pic of her too.


My only buy …. it might look familiar to some. The other things that was on my list have not arrive yet. Guess I will have to wait.

Everyone can play?

Monday, June 15th, 2009

According to the latest news on the SGP website.

“International players are expected to be trying out this server since this is the first time anyone gets to try the latest version of the game.”

Will you all be joining me? Pls do!

HKO - Good news or bad news?

Friday, June 12th, 2009

I was googling and found this article.


Hello Kitty Online appoints Red Dawn Communications
by Kenny Lim    11-Jun-09, 11:10

SINGAPORE - Oriented Games, the online video game publisher that holds the rights for Hello Kitty Online for Singapore and Malaysia, has appointed Red Dawn Communications as its PR agency in the city-state on a retainer basis.

Hello Kitty Online combines online role-playing games with social networking. The free-to-play game will launch in Malaysia and Singapore in July 2009 on the game portal.

The multiplayer online game title seeks to position itself as a media platform for advertisers and marketers to offer in-game advertising.


I went to to find out that there will be a “founder’s beta of Hello Kitty Online Singapore and Malaysia Edition

Not sure what this means but I really hope that I will get to play with the many MANY good friends I have made since CB and FB again.

I want to play in the local FB but I know it will not be the same without the gang :(

New Quest Types and Storyline for HKO

Thursday, June 4th, 2009


Hehe … I was more excited  about this uber cute pic then I was about the blog post.

I would like to think that I had some part to do in giving Kiki and Lala a more prominent role in the game :D *TRANSLATED* They knew they better give me more LTS or I will never ever stop bugging the GMs ;)

Can’t wait to visit Beijing ingame!

Check out the Official HKO Blog!!

HKO - Maps of Beijing!

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

If u have not seen this at the HKO blog, go and check out more pics from Beijing! And in case u guys didn’t know, Bejing is LTS land! Haha … I can’t spot the twins but I do see “Little Twin Stars” wordings scattered throughout the screenies :)

Jun’s Calendar

Thursday, June 4th, 2009


Sorry for being a little late this mth … but I’m feeling like the twins above :D

For the full size pic, pls visit here. As usual, save it on yr comp as the pic at the link changes every mth!