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2nd Sat in Monaco - 14 March

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

It was the weekend and I decided to do some touristy stuff in Monaco ….


I made my way to a gardens called Jardin Exotique which was located on .. u guessed it, Jardin Exotique Boulevard.


Here’s a map of the gardens which includes a cave and a museum.



The map of the cave. There was a guide that would lead ppl every hr on the hr. It was a 300 steps climb down and then another 300 back up O_o.


Unfortunately the guide only spoke in French so I do not know what was going on. But the cave looks really fascinating. According to my boss, many many years ago, the first ppl of Monaco used to lived in these caves ….


This was part of the museum display ….

After the gardens, I headed to the Aquarium!


Which is located on the rocks ….



Here’s just a small selection of what I saw ….




This is the skeleton of a whale ….


This one :P

I headed to a “mall” after the aquarium but it was so pathetic … not many shops at all. So after walking a bit, I headed back to my hotel room …. did a lot of walking that day!

More pics to come ….

I’m back in Sgp ….

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Just a short post to let everyone know that I am back in Sgp. I flew in on Tues and was back to work on Wed :( Which explains why I have not been updating.

Rest assured that the the weekend is here and I will be posting more pics from my trip as soon as I get the time and energy to sort through the HUNDREDS of pics that I took …

Stay tuned ….

To all my friends ….

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009


Hehe, found this new Ecard on the Sanriotown website :)

Here’s to all my friends …. old ones and new ones, ones that I’ve gotten to known thru HKO and those thru my blog, Little Twin StarsĀ fans like me and those that I have brought over to the cute side :D

And to those who don’t care for Kiki and Lala …. I still like u ;)

Some nite views of Monaco ….

Friday, March 13th, 2009

On Fri nite, my colleague brought me out for dinner with his family near the palace. Here are some pics I took….




Here’s a pic of the palace!! :)


And just for ripplecloud who was requesting for food pics :P This is the only pic of food that I took during dinner. Its an Italian dessert called Panna cotta. It was really yummy!!

Monaco’s Palace and Nice ….

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

I decided to go to the palace to see the daily guard change @ 11.55am. It was about a 15mins walk to the palace but I reached there only to be greeted by more stairs.


Luckily these were not that steep.


I reached the top!

I did take a video of the guard change using my cell phone (I left the memory card of my actual camera in my laptop so all the pics at the palace were taken using my cell phone) but it was taking too long to upload into my lappy.


So here’s a pic of a guard :P


Real nice architecture with shops hidden within the narrow alleys.


Look what I found all the way in Monaco!!! Hello Kitty :)


This is where Grace Kelly aka Princess Grace is buried, I think.


View of Monaco from the palace.

After visiting the palace, I met up with some colleagues for lunch and after lunch, one of them brought me to Nice.


Here’s Nice, France … about 15mins drive from Monaco.


The boardwalk was crowded as the weather on Sun was real nice.


I love Ferris Wheels, especially the traditional ones.


A small street that is lined with restaurants on both sides.

I was told that Nice used to belong to Italy long long time ago. This accounts for the many Italian style architecture u see in Nice.

There goes my weekend … its work on Mon :(

Monaco ….

Saturday, March 7th, 2009


Some pics I took on the plane. I thought the sun shot that I took was cool :P


The inside of my room.


The outside view….


There are many stairs like this in Monaco. I sure had my stairmaster workout today :D


Just look at all the yachts! I wonder if I will get a chance to go on board one of them :P


This is the right of Monaco. The mountain the background .. that is Italy.


Visited a Japanese Garden.


Quite pretty …


This just made me smile … I could just imagine someone painstakingly doing this.


Street named after Grace Kelly who was also the Princess of Monaco. She died a very tragic death :(


Its the famous hairpin turn of the F1 race in Monaco.


The building at the end is the Monte Carlo Casino.

One more day of fun b4 its work :( Going to enjoy it as much as I can. Will try to post more pics but I have limited internet access in the hotel.


Starrfire7 is a very happy gal!

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Notice anything different? Hehe, it looks like all my begging and pleading has finally paid off! I finally have a Little Twin Stars theme for my blog! Best of all, its in the colors that I love!!!

Wait, that’s not all… if u refresh it, the header changes :) I think there is a total of 3 different header pics, them catching stars, eating strawberries and one with them in jap costume.

So cute!! I’m loving my blog even more now …. pls NEVER take it away :D Add more themes but keep this!

There are 2 other new ones too … a HKO one which is also totally adorable and another Purin one. Go check them out!

Thanks Sanriotown and GM-Abby who told me via Twitter! :D

OMG, talk about a splurge … :P

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

I received word from Grace @ the Bugis outlet that new LTS items had arrived. So last Thurs, I dragged my sis down to check out the new stuff!

Here’s what I got :D


Very excited when I saw this mug … cups/mugs are one of the things I have been collecting consistently.


It even came with a lid. There is a pic of Kiki and Lala on the inside edge, on opposite sides.




Had to show u the really pretty box it came in :)

Next is the brand new Rose collection from Japan. If u remember, I posted on it a few weeks back.


Here’s a the cute little ceramic container that can be used to hold candy or sugar cubes ;)


And the matching mug. I was tempted to get a pair of mugs but stopped myself and got the above matching container instead.


The edge of the mug is dusted pink … pretty!

And now for the fave part of my collection …



My brand new Little Twin Stars teapot!!! I have seen one other LTS teapot but Kiki and Lala were not in the colors that I like.

Wait … that’s not the end of it …. there is more :P


Hehe … had to get this cute little pouch that can hold my packet of tissue!

Looks like I’m gettingĀ ban2.gif

Oh well … I’ll be away on a business trip for most of March anyway :P By the time I come back, it will be almost April …. new budget!


Helping Hearts Results are out!!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

The winners are …..


They will be receiving :- 183 shirts, 84 bags

Pls visit the official event blog for details on the final results!

Another calendar for March!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Found another calendar for March! But this is with Kiki and Lala in brown and blonde hair, not my fave :P


Pls visit here for the full sized wallpaper … u have to be logged into Sanriotown to access it.

Once again .. remember to save it onto yr comp ;)

Scroll down or click here for the other March calendar I’ve posted.