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Happy Hearts!

New Farms!!

Hehehe, for Happy Hearts they made some changes to the farming system and also had more farm selections.


This is my old farm … did not plan on changing it that soon but for some reason my strawberries weren’t growing :(

I miss the pause button but I do like that all the button are at the corner now .. no drop down menu. Also, friends can help u harvest now … BUT .. only 5 are allowed in yr farm at a time.


What if I want to have a guild meeting in my farm? Our guild is small but we definitely have more than 5 ppl in it!


So saved up $$ and with the help of a donation from Sailoria, I was able to buy my new farm!!

Its a My Melody one as they did not have a LTS one. But I love it anyways … pretty fountains and roses! This farm cost me 20K!!! Now I can grow my strawberries :P


Here’s me at Sailoria’s farm .. I love this farm too! We were there helping her farm for awhile.

Sorry for not posting much but I have been busy in the game and work. For more posts on Happy Hearts, pls visit ripplecloud’s website! Her links are the best and she seems to have time to be able to blog in much more details on Happy Hearts :P

Less than 24hrs b4 the games closes again :(

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  1. ripplecloud Says:


  2. Ripplecloud’s adventures on HKO » Quick links - HKO is ending soon.. Says:

    […] Starrfire7: Happy Hearts! […]

  3. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    Hehe … but like seriously .. how do u do it?

  4. Bi Says:

    starrr! nice pink farm :P

  5. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    Bi!!! Thanks :)

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