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Cell Phone Straps!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

I have been searching for this pair of phone straps for the longest time. However, every time I have only seen Kiki :( I did not want to get just the boy if I can’t find Lala .. they belong together!

Well, a few weeks ago, my friend Nimeesha showed me this website, Strapya World, and the had BOTH of them AND every other Sanrio characters in the series!!

I did a little research and found out that each strap was selling about SGD$16-17+ … online was definitely much cheaper, even with shipping included.

Anyway, Nimeesha and I decided to order the straps together to save on shipping and I finally got them on Sat after a trip to the Post Office. I would have gotten them on Thur but our stupid doorbell doesn’t work and no one heard the postman when he came :(


:) I got 2 pairs … one to keep and the other to use!


The little card has a bio on them (I think) :P


I immediately switched my cell phone strap! The other one I was using was getting worn out.

Nimeesha … u will be getting yrs soon when we meet up during CNY … be patient :)

Happy Chinese New Year

Monday, January 26th, 2009


Here’s wishing one and all a Happy Year of the Ox!

Little Twin Stars from Ben in Beijing :)

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

I have a friend, Ben, who is based in Beijing. He gets to come home about 4 times a year and when he does, a bunch of us would have our meet up.

He is one of my many friends that know my love for LTS and so when he spotted a Sanrio shop in Beijing, he could not help but take a few pics for me …



There’s Hello Kitty! He said that most of the stuff there is HK … which is not surprising.


The little corner with LTS stuff …. these is the winter collection.


Hehe … he could not resist getting me something and it came in this cute paperbag.


Here’s my gift from Ben who just came back on Fri … its a LTS keychain! So adorable!! I love it :D

Thanks Ben!!

Unexpected gift from my Sis!!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Have been feeling really down these few days :( I think I scared my sis when I suddenly burst out sobbing in her room one day ….

Well, she was at Far East Plaza today and found a new Hello Kitty shop! She saw a mug that I had shown her and have been looking for ….  so to cheer me up, she got it for me :) I was really surprised when she came home and presented me with it!


The box is so cute too! I love Lala’s scarf look …



I love my Jumbo Mug!! I think they look esp adorable with their tongues sticking out :P

Thanks Ghost! *MUACK*


Friday, January 16th, 2009

I got a text message from Grace of the Bugis Street outlet telling me that there were some new LTS stuff had come in. Since it was a Fri and I had no plans, I dragged my sis and her bf down too :D

Here’s what I bought!


This is one bottle, just showing u the pic all around :)


This is a small little plastic container … its heart shaped and pink, what’s not to like?


And here’s a blue square one. Hmm …. thinking of what I can use them for ….


These are the star shaped sweets that came in the plastic containers.


And I had a surprise! This is the ang pow as a gift for my purchase! Hehe, isn’t it cute? I think I love it more than the items that I bought .. and the best part? I was given TWO! Haha :P

There were ang pows of the other characters too ;)

Anyway, after shopping, we all went for dinner @ Mos Burger before heading home. But look what we spotted while waiting for our bus.


Its a PINK Hello Kitty motorcycle! Beside her is a Doreamon motorcycle … haha. Sorry for the poor quality of this pic but it was taken with my phone’s camera.

Little Twin Stars Ang Pows!

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

*EDIT* Have u guys seen this on the HKO blog? GO LOOK!!

Nimeesha recently blogged on ang pows (red packets) that she bought and was making fun of my pink pows :P I told her I had some ang pows in my collection, so here they are!



This pair was bought just this Tues in Chinatown :)


This was given to me by my bro and sis-in-law. She knows I love LTS so she pusposely went to get an LTS one to give to me.


Kiki and Lala in a hot air balloon.


Fire crackers!


Sailing along …


This is a simple design, given to me by a friend :)

All except the first two are old designs that I have had for the longest time. Hope u guys enjoy my ang pow collection!

Another Calendar :)

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

The website I go to has finally updated with a the new Jan/Feb 2009 calendar.


Pls note that the website changes it pic every mth, so if u want to keep a full sized copy of it, save it into yr comp!


Thursday, January 8th, 2009

The usual website I get my calendars from hasn’t updated with a new calendar for Jan :( But I have another one!

And as an added bonus, I have some New Year wallpapers! Enjoy!



Click on the wallpapers for full sized files of them.

Btw, did everyone see GM-Bacon’s new post? :D

*Dizzy with excitement*

Birthday Presents!

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Celebrated my bday a few days ago … thanks to everyone that dropped their bday wishes to me :) I spent the nite with friends and sis.

After dinner was done, while preparing to cut the cake, my sis and her bf YL surprised me with presents! Here’s what they got for me …


A new card holder! I have not seen this … was prob new stk that just came in at the Bugis store.


The back … it even has slots for SD cards.


Next is a folder …. hehe, going to use it at work!


Here’s the back … I think Lala looks really cute with her 2 ponytails.

Next is my FAVORITE! I had seen this when I was there the last time but because I bought the expensive headrests (and other stuff), I decided, reluctantly, not to get this ….



A bath towel!! Hehe, this is my first bath towel and I am real excited about it! I’m planning to use it for Chinese New Year! :D

But thats not all ….. my sis and her bf got all the stuff from the Bugis store and the lady boss even helped them gift wrap it in a cute LTS wrapping paper. It was the same wrapping paper that I had bought previously.

She also threw in these stickers just for me :)


Haha … they are really tiny stickers that she had with her in the store … did I mention that the owner, Grace, is also a huge LTS fan?

I love all my presents! Thanks Ghost, YL and Grace!

More shopping!

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

First of all, Happy 2009! Hope all of u had a great new year’s celebration :)

Here are some stuff that I bought last year … I really need to control my LTS spending but when I see such adorable stuff, I just can’t help myself!


These are headrests for the car. I have seen something similar b4 but they looked really fake and ugly. This looks so much more like them!

When I told Nimeesha about it, she said she saw them selling at $20 cheaper than what I paid for them :( However, after investigating, I found out that it was the fake looking ones that were cheaper … duh!


A new mouse pad for my office :)


I just love the figurine on top which has a magnet so it sticks to the tin.


Wish they could have given more of the notes inside. Fill’er up!



These pair of non slip pads were a gift from my sis’s bf!

Haha, I was contemplating whether to get them as I had already spent alot buying the previously mentioned items. When I first asked, I was told that it was S$5.90 each … omg, that’s exp :(

However, after seeing me grab on the items and was not letting go, he decided to get it for me and when it was rung up, it was only S$3.90 each! Yippee! Thanks!

Will be posting pics of my bday presents soon, keep an eye out ;)