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Little Twin Stars Coin Bank!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008


“Kiki, look over there…..”  

I got this a few weeks back have not had the time to update. Isn’t this adorable?


The slot is behind, towards the bottom so that means I can’t really store that much $$ in it. Well, the main reason for getting it isn’t for its intended use anyway :P

Here are a couple more new items that I’ve bought in the past weeks …


Another card case.


And some non red “ang pow” packets/envelopes.

Hmm ….. I do have another item I bought but I’ve got to give Nimeesha her gift (its the exact same thing) b4 I can post it or it would ruin the surprise ;)

Have been a little busy …

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Sorry for not updating for awhile, but to keep u entertained, pls visit here where ripplecloud has spun a cute little story starring little o’ me ;)

Also, look what nimeesha found during the weekend …. a LTS car!! OMG, it would be so cute to have a car like that.

Will try to update within the next few days ….

Blog for Thought

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Here’s a look back at the fun times I had in Founders’ Beta with some old friends I’ve known and new friends I’ve made.


My first day in HKO after trying to figure out how to get past an error I have been getting. Guess who was there to welcome me? Ripplecloud whom I met on the last day of CB and have kept in contact thru our blogs! Also, Noliai whom I got to know also thru our blogs!


When u see me around HKO, very often I’m “haunted” by a Ghost! Hehe, she is actually my little sis and I was the one that dragged her into the game but now she is hooked on it too!


Here’s the first meeting of Tidesong in FB! She is also another player I have know since CB and most importantly, she was part of my original guild! It was great to see old friends back in the game.


Sugar_chan was the first person to have photo evidence of Little Twin Stars in the game and so when  I saw her roaming around Sanrio Harbor, I couldn’t help but say hi …. this began a great friendship :)


Another guildee of mine from CB is Payette, we had kept in touch thru the mths while waiting for FB and I was really happy when she finally showed up in the game. However, it was sad that she could not play as much and with the different timezones were were in, we hardly saw one another.


I first met Nimeesha thru my blog and we bonded thru Little Twin Stars. I convinced her to play HKO for an opportunity to meet Kiki and Lala ingame. We have even met up a couple of times in real life! 


Its always fun to have friends who would do cheesy things with u ;) They made the game a whole different experience.

I had quickly rushed thru all my quests to level up because I needed to be lvl 20 b4 I could start my own guild … and boy did I want my own guild! But not only do I need to be a certain lvl, I needed to have *gasp* $30,000 *gasp*.

With the help of friends who donated money and giving me their hand me downs, I was able to raise it!! I was real excited when I could finally set up my guild.


Ripplecloud wanted to be right by me cheering me on as I applied for a guild.


Within less then 10mins, my guild, *Twin Starrs*, grew to THREE! Hehe … fine, Ghost is my sis, she had no choice :P However, Noliai decided to join us once I told her that we were going to be a small closed knit guild.

It was then off to find our next member, whom decided to disappear the second after the guild was formed!


Hehe, u guessed it! Tidesong! Luckily she came back on and was immediately invited into our guild.

Another friend that I got to know really well first emailed me asking to join our guild. We were a little weary at first but we decided to give him a chance and after an interrogation by the members, we welcomed Kiui into our guild!


Here I am at Kiui’s farm! I love farm hopping!


Here we are with more members of our guild! From the left, Tidesong, Juno, Cherrysweet, Noliai, Kiui and me!

Had loads of fun with the ppl from my guild but also ppl from the other guilds. One guild that I hang out alot with is Sailoria aka Sailor Scouts.


I wonder if anyone noticed the imposter among their midst ;)

One of the best times we had as a guild was building for the Building New York event, even though we did not win, we worked well as a team and had loads of fun.


Everyone agreed that I needed a hse too as the hse we build for the event was on Noliai’s farm. So after collecting all the materials needed, it was once again building for *Twin Starrs*


Look who came over as a temporary member just so that I could get my hse done faster? And the best part was she had the backing of her guild leader, Sailoria, who, I was told, warned all the other members to leave a slot open in the guild so that ripplecloud could joined back when she was done helping me.


I left my computer on thru the nite and while I was sleeping … my guild members were busy! I woke up the next morning to find Kiui and Cherrysweet working on my hse, after having taken over from Noliai, Juno and Tidesong during the nite. I manged to put in the final few touchups and my hse was done!

However, the fun had to end …..


The dreaded last day of FB came :( we gathered as a guild to say our final goodbyes …


But not b4 we got NAKED!!! You know what they say … once u’ve seen each other naked, it’s never the same ;) Hahaha, fine, we weren’t exactly naked, this is a “Rated G” game anyway :P

Before long, we got more ppl to join the line …..


Even Hello Kitty couldn’t help but join in too :)

That sadly marked the end of FB :( It was sad knowing it was the end but I know that HKO will be back, bigger and better! And u can be sure, I will be making alot more friends then!


P.S. I know there are a lot more friends I’ve missed but this blog will never end if I were to list them out one by one. I miss u all and hope to see all of u in OB!

LTS shopping :)

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Now that FB has ended, I finally have more time to blog about what I bought! This was bought just today after work! I got a call from the store telling me the stuff I had ordered are in … woohoo!



Cute little metal tin :)


This was my fave buy today. They can be espresso cups!



Remember this mug that I mentioned b4 I was going to get? :)

I think this might be the only thing I get for the winter series. I think they are cute but I still prefer the traditional look of them. I just love collecting cups/mugs, so I had to get this one :)

Hmm …. might do one post on all the cups/mugs I have so far :P But that might have to wait until I have finished blogging about FB.


Nov Calendar :)

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Oh wow, I have not updated this blog in a long time! Well, u guys prob know where I was and what I was doing ;) Don’t worry, I will more time to take care of this blog from now till …. Dec? :)


Sorry for posting this month’s calendar late but u can still use this for a mth and a half :)

Hmm …. they have come up with cube melons, it might not be soon b4 long that they have star shaped apples like Kiki is holding.

For full sized wallpaper, pls go here.

Will be updating more when I go home tonite ….. I bought more LTS stuff, there is HKO to blog about ….. I need more hrs in a day!