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Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 31st, 2008


Hehe, don’t they look cute in their witches outfits?

Oh and Lilybethflame asked if there was a dark form of LTS. I remember coming across something some time back and so I did a little googling.

I’m pleased to introduce the Magical Twin Comets!

Is it a comet? Is it a shooting star?
No! It’s Tity and Lulu the twin witches,
racing through the night sky on their broom…


Here’s Tity and Lulu, they are friends of Kiki and Lala ;)

Check out more pics of them here.

Have a scary day!


Meeting with Tidesong and Nimeesha

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I met up with Tidesong and Nimeesha on Mon. The main reason for meeting up was so that Tidesong could pass me the Little Twin Stars armigurumi that she made for me. It then became this group thing as I brought my sis, Ghost, and then Nimeesha joined in as she wanted to meet everyone and vice versa.

Our 12 noon meetup became 1pm and by the time Nimeesha showed up, it was almost 2pm. We were supposed to have another person join us too but she was too busy ;) Next time!!!!


They are really tiny!! I love them!! Thanks Tidesong! :)

After meeting Tidesong, we (Nimeesha, her bf, Ghost and I) went on our LTS hunt! We went to the outlet at Liang Court where I had the lady boss reserve some items for Nimeesha. Check out all the things that she bought that day!

Me? I was good that day, only bought ONE item!


Check out this cute small little charm thingy.

We actually went to a few more stores but unfortunately (or rather, fortunately) there was nothing else new that we wanted.

Hmm … just got a SMS from Grace telling me that there are new items that just came in today. Looks like I’m heading back to Bugis soon :)


New Shop!

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

I found a new shop thanks to Nimeesha :) She posted stuff that she bought and I saw a pouch that I have been looking for the longest time. I asked her where she got it from and last Thur I dragged Ghost along with her nybf down.



The shop. Ringo Ya, is located at Bugis Street, ground floor (Unit CFL H13) and it is a little hard to find within the narrow alleys but I spotted a whole lot of pink and sure enough, it was it!

Unfortunately they no longer had the pouch I was looking for :( but I did managed to pick up a lot of other LTS items!



Cushions for the car and also a tissue box holder. I saw this online and the full set was more than US$70! No way was I spending that much! The store was selling it for less than half! Of cos I was getting it!


Also got some pretty wrapping paper :)

And lastly, my biggest splurge so far …….



A Little Twin Stars watch!! Its about 3.5cm in diameter, not including the knob. Its more guys size and not dainty at all.

I have been looking for one but most were very kiddish and cheap looking. This was perfect! Not too childish at all. If ppl don’t really notice, they wouldn’t know it was LTS. But I would know and it brings a smile to my face everytime :D


The band is stainless steel … check out the engraving on the clasp.


The back of the face is as adorable!

And with all the $ I spend in that one day, I became an instant lifetime member with a one time membership fee of $5. U have to accumulate $100 in receipts …. yes, I spent that much and more :P 


This is their membership card …. yes, its Kitty again!

As for the pouch I was originally looking for … well, the nice gal boss, Grace, told me she will order more in and would inform me when they arrive!

They have another outlet at Liang Court (supposedly bigger!) which Nimeesha and I will be heading to on Mon because I got Grace to reserved a set of the car cushions and tissue box holder for her :)

Pls email me if u want more info on this shop or other shops I frequent!

The search for Kiki and Lala, Part II

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

The search for the elusive twins continues and along the way I met a whole bunch of friends!


Here’s shesroyaltee …. oh my, we were both guildless at that time. Seems so long ago.


And my friend nimeesha finally joined me in the game! She is also a huge LTS fan.


Bumping into noliai and this time I remembered to take a screenie :)


And here was my first time meeting Sugar_chan … it was a begining of a great friendship. Check out her blog and her guild Super Cute!


The search led me to Payette who I have known since CB. Ghost and I were there to welcome her into FB.

I slowly lvled up and was finally able to make my way to London without fainting and getting a free transport to Flora. 


Yes! Finally a sign of them! But this was not the LTS I saw on Sugar_chan’s blog. Where are they? :(


I found Madame Tussaudes but I did not have the key! NNNOOOOOOO!

It looks like I am going to have to continue on my quests and hope that one of them would reward me with the key.


I ventured into new territory and found them on this cute planter :)

Before long, I have finally earned my key and into Madame Tussaudes I went!


Hehe, FINALLY!!! My Little Twin Stars! Wouldn’t it be adorable if they would really be in Madame Tussaudes? ^^

I was so excited about seeing Kiki and Lala that it took me a moment to realize that there was something different about Kitty!


Hmm, why is she brown? And what’s up with the tail of hers? I’m very confused!


At the end of my long adventure, I was rewarded with a pet which I named Wilburt :)

But why isn’t there LTS npcs? Am I going to have to wait till Beijing b4 I can actually talk to them? :(

Just say “CHEESE!!”

Friday, October 24th, 2008

We love our screenies! :)



Haha, I took this when Ghost was on my comp playing HKO, I thought it was pretty cute ;)


Here u have RainyG, me, tidesong and Ghost!

Hehe, we can be so lame :P wonder what the rest of the players were thinking when they saw us doing this ….

Guild Logo!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Saw that a lot of the guilds were making their own logos and I did not want our guild to be left out. So …. presenting *Twin Starrs* guild’s logo!


Guildees, pls feel free to use this logo. Hope u guys like it! ^^

Wintery LTS!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Hehe, I love that I get emails and comments from friends telling me about Little Twin Stars sightings! The most recent was from Victor telling me that the Jap website has updated with the new winter collection!


Click on the pic or here to see the really cool stuff coming soon to a Sanrio store near u! I have my eye on the mug … looks like it might appear here soon! :D

*Twin Starrs* Guild!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

I have been saving up for my own guild for the longest time and with the help of (in no particular order) Sailoria, ripplecloud, Tidesong and Ghost, I was able to raise the much needed 30K!


Ripplecloud followed me to the Guild Manager to see my process after donating $ to my Guild Fund!


Guild application … hmm, who to be our Guardians? What a difficult choice!


Woohoo! *Twin Starrs* Guild is formed! I love the twin stars beside the names :)


First member, Ghost! :)

It was then off to find Tidesong but she suddenly went offline :( While roaming around London, I bumped into Noliai!


I showed her my cute LTS emoticons and told her about my guild and how I want to keep it small and cozy. It was just what she was looking for! So ….


We welcomed the 3rd member of our guild! Hehe …

We then headed to Noliai’s farm for a little gathering :) Guess who finally came back online?


Tidesong! And so our guild became four. For more on our first guild meeting, visit Noliai’s blog!


Lastly …. me being bossy :P

Thanks to all those friends that helped me along the way with free goodies and stuff. I also wouldn’t have been able to start my guild without u all! ^^

Look what I bought!

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Seems like a long time since I bought something :P Anyway, I got a call from one of the stores I frequent telling me that something I put my name down for has arrived so I went down on Mon to get it.


This is the little sweet container that I bought. Sad thing is there wasn’t any sweet inside!!!! :( Well, not that impt I guess …. isn’t the container cute?

I looked around the store but there didn’t seem to be anything else new. But leave it to the ladies working at the store to bring something to my attention …. OMG, it was something I saw online and thought was really adorable. And then they told me that only ONE came in!!!!

I thought about it long and hard as it was quite expensive …. but in the end I bought it! Check it out! Hehe ^^



Have not found a place for it yet, so it it is still in the box :)

Looks like my LTS budget is over for OCT :(


2nd day in HKO aka The search for Kiki and Lala

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Sunday was my first full day of playing HKO, last nite was just a short teaser.


Look who I met a few mintues into the game? BlondeBlueEyes!

Great meeting a fellow CB player :) It was then off to do my quests. Have to catch up with the rest who started playing since day 1.


Oh my … Hermit Crab. Ripplcloud must be happy to see him :)


Guess who else decided to join in the fun? My sis, Ghost!

Was roaming around and then ripplecloud told me Misery is in the game! We quickly gathered at the pier to welcome Misery into HKO!


Victor was there too and so we all got together for another grp screenie :)


Look who else stopped by! “Mommy” rhetorickies and SaigeMorrow.

We then disperse again so that everyone could get on with their quests …..


Yummy (GM) Bacon!

I took a few hrs break for a business lunch thingy and then came home to continue my journey. Took awhile to gather all the stuff I needed but with the help of my sis, I was able to move on to Flora!


An empty stage :( Remember how it looked like on the last day of CB?


Then it was to the spot where Kiki was last seen ….. HE’S NOT THERE!!!! :(

After crying for awhile, I moved on …. maybe he was somewhere else in the game …. now to find him.


While fighting the Boars, look who I bumped into! RainyG! We were acting silly :P I kinda like the box emotions but I do miss my LTS ones.


Tidesong finally showed up! Of cos we had to gather for another screenie!


I went to the last know spot of Lala and she wasn’t there either! :( Now I am really sad. Do I really have to wait till the city Beijing opens b4 I get to see them?

*Wipes tears*

The search for them will continue! And I got a clue from ripplecloud who led me to Sugar_chan ;)


It was almost the end of the day b4 I bumped into DawnLaRee.

The weird thing is that I kept bumping into Noliai throughout the day but it seems I did not take any screenies with her :( *searches again* nope, nothing …. sorry Noliai! I am going to have take more the next time around!

Fun, fun day in HKO! Who else will I meet? Will I ever find the elusive twins? Stay tune!