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New Sanrio Shop

I was at Vivo City, a mall here in Singapore, on Fri when I stumbled upon a new Sanrio Shop!


I’m so excited about it because I’ll be working at the offices in the building. That means I would be able to hunt for new stuff 5 days a week! :D Haha, there goes my mthly paycheck.

Anyway, I looked around and sure enough, I spotted something I got to have. Check out my new alarm clock ….


However, my day of LTS shopping did not end there. On my way home, I stopped by another shop and this was what I found.


A really cute towel with a towel holder and sleeve.

With that purchase from that shop, I had accumulated more than $100 in receipts and was able to apply for a lifetime store membership for $5. The membership would entitle me to 10% discount on all my future purchases from that store. Haha, u can bet I am going to make full use of it.

Here is my cute little membership card.