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I haven’t posted in this blog since forever~

Today, our class watched this movie as part of our music curriculum. This movie is about the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

I had studied piano history before, therefore I knew most of the major facts about Mozart’s life. But much to my surprise, this movie brings a new perspective on this legendary composer. It is narrated by another composer, known as Salieri, as he bitterly tells the tale of Mozart’s life to a young priest. Salieri is a man whose greatest wish is to be the best composer ever – to be able to be remembered forever after his death. He prays to God fervently for this to come true. However, that is not to be. Mozart enters the scene, and composes music that both awe-struck Salieri and made him extremely jealous.

Thus begins Salieri’s underhanded manipulation of Mozart, and his final attempt to be remembered.

This movie is beautiful – full of famous scores of Mozart’s, and an interesting narrator. It has scenes that will you make you laugh and cry as you dive into the world of Vienna, at a time where this miraculous composer lived – the era of Mozart.

RuneFactorybanner1.gif picture by Ariaette

Kyle (default name):image





An amnesiac young man who stumbles upon the town of Alarvna. There, he meets Mana and takes over the empty farm in town, in hopes of gaining his forgotten memories. Kyle also seems to have the powers of an Earthmate (as told by Cecilia) and seems to have a forgotten purpose… perhaps it has something to do with the periodic earthquakes Alvarna has been getting lately?








The first person Kyle meets in the game. She offers a nearby farm to him, and seems to like him from the beginning. Her father runs the local general store and has a chronic fear of his daughter marrying. She’s generally quite helpful, always tries to sells things to people, and aspires to a teacher.










The local fortune-teller. Her weather and location predictions are always spot-on, but for other predictions, she has a habit of working to make them come true… She is the daughter of the town’s doctor, and they often get into disputes regarding her choice of career.










The daughter of the town’s wealthy gastronomist. She is poetic, whimsical and kind-hearted, but often drags Kyle into her scientific experiments. Rosalind loves trying out new dishes. She has a very teasing manner, but is generally quite polite.








The half-elven girl from the last Rune Factory game has grown up and moved to Alvarna. She is calm and composed, but still shows some hints of her behaviour as a child (ex: she still loves collecting pretty stones), and is very teasing. Cecilia works as a maid (like her elven friend Tabatha from the original game) at the De St. Coquille manor (home of Herman the gastronomist).









Extremely shy and timid, Dorothy doesn’t converse well with others, unlike like her outgoing younger sister, Cammy, and her boisterous father, Gordon (the town priest). Dorothy’s bangs always cover her eyes, and she speaks through her doll, Fern. She is also training to be a nurse.









An eccentric girl who runs the local bathhouse and is also the town’s “idol,” Julia has an eye for fashion and undergoes a number of sometimes harsh beauty regimens. Underneath her bubbly and somewhat air-headed exterior, she is actually insecure and tends to be somewhat mean.










Yue is a travelling merchant who goes from town to town selling her wares. She’s always looking for a business opportunity, but is very kind and considerate. Yue has made many friends throughout her travels, but something keeps on making her come back to Alvarna…

*Please note: All pictures were taken from the official website:

The descriptions were written by me, and some include my own personal opinions from playing the game, so I apologize for any discrepancies.*

RuneFactorybanner1.gif picture by Ariaette


Rune Factory 2 – A Fantasy Harvest Moon is the indirect sequel to the first game, Rune Factory. It is about an amnesiac young man (with the default name of Kyle) who stumbles upon the town of Alvarna. There, he meets Mana (the main girl in the video) who offers to let him work on the unused farm nearby. So, the main story starts…

One unique feature of Rune Factory 2 is the ability to play as your “child” (which means marriage is necessary if you want to progress through the game), something that is not offered in other Harvest Moon games (which means Rune Factory 2 is the best!). You can improve relationships with the rest of villagers (who I will introduce in later entries) via the quest board, where you can complete quests posted by the villagers. Daily conversation, gifts they like, and birthday presents also boost your relationship with them.

They are also various “dungeons” you can enter to fight monsters, plant crops or befriend monsters to help you on your farm.

There are many other aspects of the game, but that’s pretty much everything, condensed. Hope people who read this blog will be inspired to play this game!

(Note: When I posted this video, it wasn’t working. I still decided to post it, in case it works in the future… just so you know)

Welcome to Starcookie’s Reviews! This is a blog run by me, Aria. You might have seen my other blog,

This is a separate blog altogether. The one above is my own personal blog, while I created this one to talk about video games, movies and other stuff like that. This blog posts character introductions for games, books and movies, my own personal opinion about thing, and some gaming tips.

I’m still fixing it up and working out a system, but feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. :)

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