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To think about summer! :-P Yes I know your thinking its way too early for summer. But it will be here faster then we know it (it always does) and why not get in the summer mindset now? In order to get that summer mojo going I changed my blog theme, bought some sunscreen, and bought $200 pair of shades. lol well maybe not the last part… but I am getting ready! Summer time here I come ^_^

The answer is to overlap the match sticks to form a star

  Hope it wasn’t too hard!

Let me know what you think about my games! Comments and suggestions are welcome! ^_^

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! But thats not the reason you are here… are you? Nope didn’t think so :) So without further delays here are your answers:

What gets wetter the more it dries?- a towel

What kind of stones are never found in the ocean?- Dry ones

When does a boat show affection?- when its hugging the shore

What do lazy dogs do for fun?- chase parked cars

Why is the letter T like an island? - Because its in the middle of waTer

*Hope you enjoyed them ^_^ *

Hello and thank you again for playing my game.

1. Hello kitty is not jumping into orbit.

2. Hello Kitty is a peach, too bad her bed is not.

3. I feel a little coo coo looking at the clocks dont you?

4. Blue bird through my window… oh and it landed lol

5. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but maybe you need the eye doctor for this one? 

Today I got a very special surprize. Marshmallow Peeps!!!! Aside from the early blooming tulips, Peeps were always an indication that spring is near. I love their yellow goodness and I can’t let spring pass me by without aleast having one. ^_^ Its a tradition that will never be broken. LOL

Happy holidays lol. It is both a happy new year and a happy valentines day. Red is the color today. *throws red hearts at everyone* I remember when I was really little I would eat sliced apples and honey. Such a sweet snack ^_^ 

Its so nice to write the date like a normal person. I was really beginning to dislike the DDMMYY or DDMMMYY way. Anyway this blog is about something else today. This blog is about well this blog. I was wondering why we have to go to a separate site to write blogs. Shouldnt we be able to do it in game? I mean dont get me wrong I like this website and all but if I am already in game why do I have to log into something else to write a blog? Hopefully they change that and the camera option of the game ^^

Its so weird putting 2010 for me. I think about how time moves, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but it is always moving. I often wonder about the future… will we ever have flying cars? I want a flying hello kitty car! ^_^

My first hello kitty experience was right out of bootcamp. A hello kitty music box was on the shelf. It was the last of its kind and I knew that it should be mine. I had survived weeks of drills, yells, and ironing. That music box will be the symbol. My symbol that I can survive anything and do anything. The song Hello kitty chimed was “you are my sunshine”. I still have that box today along with other hello kitty items.

music box

today after breakfast and dishes I went on hko and I had a message about the new music video. It was pretty impressive. I like it altho I am pretty sure it wont win any platinum records lol. I just wish they would have fixed the game a little more before they put that out. for example I dislike the fact that you cant rotate the camera or walk with out the mouse… I have a laptop :/ you can imagine my frustration. ahh well

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