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I dedicate my video to all heros. They give so much for us even sometimes their lives. To give so much for complete strangers is a true sign of a hero and a huge heart. Next time you see a fireman, military person, police officer or an ambulance person, thank them. They deserve it. 

There are a few things I would change to liven up the place. First is the Forums. I would add your LP to the top of the page (every page) and a just earned LP so people can see what got them LP and how much. I would make the categories expand once you hover over the category so you dont have to scroll all the way down to find your category. I would move the forum moderators list to the top of the forums. Why do we need to see it over and over if its the same for each category? The boring icons and blah pink background would be changed out for something cuter/ visually stimulating. Heres an example of the changes I would do.


Everytime I make a video no matter what the timing is off. My lastest video is only 2 minutes and 42 seconds long. But the song which is over 3 minutes long ends faster then the video :( Its completely frustrating when you are trying to have it go together. I wish we could edit the music in dream studio to fit per slide. End of rant…

I thought Mimmy didn’t get enough love so I made this video. In it Mimmy worries about the future and Kitty busts out in a song. Mimmy sings along and envision what the future will be like. After the song Kitty has an idea to set Mimmy at ease. But what is it? Next time on Dragon Ball Z… I mean Mimmy Tails the mystery will be revealed but will it lead to trouble? Stay tuned.

Farm FlagHere’s my farm my flag entry. Its Badtz Maru my guilds mascot and icon. I included the drawing that I used to get this done. I used jasmine tea for the eyes and for the mouth. The eyes (dots) are from coffee bean seeds. The head is oriental yam seeds. The boarder is made up of strawberry seeds and calliflower seeds. Excuse the spelling ^_^Design

The Over Video has an easter egg (secret) in it… but I wont tell what it is … muhahahaha

I cringe every time I hear so called “health experts” recommend restriction of dietary fat, claiming that a low-fat diet is the key to good health, weight loss, and prevention of degenerative diseases. Restriction of any one macronutrient (protein, carbs, or fat) in your diet works against what your body needs and can only lead to problems.”

But here’s the catch, you can’t just eat any fat. It has to be the healthy kind. My favorites are avocados, walnuts, olives, almonds, and dark chocolate.


Come and dance with me… during comercials, watching dream studio videos, or at anytime. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and what ever! Come join me in a dance ^_~ dont worry I wont say anything about your mad dancing skills. Dancing is a fun cardio work out that you can have fun with and be silly with. The only moves that matters arre yours!

Time to get fit! Yes I know… getting fit can be ugggh! So I made a video on 5 things that can inspire you to get fit… not now but right now!

Heres the link: http://video.sanriotown.com/video/f6c2a602f4a50c24

Easter is a time of celebration.

The rising of Jesus established this foundation.

Yes candy and bunnys are nice.

But they would not exist if not for Christ.

So today especially, my thanks I lay.

And wish him a Happy second birthday!

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