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Bearville Cosplay~! Aoi and Orin

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

This time I’m cosplaying as my character, Aoi Okamoto~! And CathrineTeddy4 is cosplaying as Orin! (Touhou Character) Screenshot below to show.

aoi-and-orin-cosplay.png I might take a break from cosplaying~ And I will!

Bearville Cosplay~! Reisen and Tewi

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Me and CathrineTeddy4 were cosplaying as Touhou characters~! Me as Reisen Undogein Inaba and CathrineTeddy4 as Tewi Inaba~!! Screenshots below

I had to be creative with the ears…

cosplay-reisen.png The one below is me and CathrineTeddy4 cosplayed as Reisen and Tewi with the screen being blue?


Stay tuned for more cosplays~! Next Cosplay: Maybe Chen~