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getting cuter!

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

I found myself at a Salon, and i got a really cute look. well thats what i think. 

3728537899_c6b26492591.jpg oh yes, i also got a new dress! tell me what you think! bye!

Spottie Dottie

Hi again!..

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

i was so tired when i woke up today, i got on the computer and saw Keroleen had posted on my blog! ^_^ and i went to The blog and Saw that Keroppi had replied to me! I was so happy! i have done nothing in ages! maybe a decade… but thats not the point. :P anywho… i found in my closet a really cute bething suit, here is what it looks like:

spottie-dottie.gif spottie dottie image by casamel

Cute! i will probably wear it the next time i go swimming. well bye!

I want this!

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

For this Halloween i want to be a princess… but. the problem is… where can i find a princess dress in my size? i found this:

Even though it’s “Kitty” i still want to wear it! it is very pretty!

It’s that hard?

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Ok. am i the only one Single here? i took some research and found out that the fire fighter already had a girl! 0_o Why is it everyone has a special someone! if you could find someone for me, PLEASE tell me! i am not despret… it’s just i’m alone… >.

if u don’t know what i look like here is a picture looks like… (Click link)

oh yes Thank you Shinelly for the picture!

it is really cute! IM SORRY It is really cute!

wait i already said that! i should end this before i go even more loco than i already am… heh. anyway i do need to go pick Sassy up from her “Job” she only took the job for the free food. i work there every once and awhile. but the close they make you wear is so Pas-say anyway bye!

in need for someone,

Spottie Dottie

Should i be disturbed?

Friday, August 28th, 2009

whgo would make a picture like this? Hopefully badtz wont get this idea… i can’t believe they have me in there.. >.<

I found it on Deviant Art… wow…. well thats all i wanted to say.. i spotted Mimmy too… keroppi and kitty, and well you get it.. but what the!

Blushes Galore!

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

SOoo…. I was getting some fresh air… and Trying a Science experiment…. i took some candy…. and went to Badtz Maru’s house…. It was at least in the afternoon. and i could hear badtz maru snoring as if the sun hadn’t come up yet. (Don’t you think his mom would wake him up?) and i found Pochi who started to make dog like sounds! (I am a dog myself. and thats disturbing…)

S.D:Hey there little guy! want some candy?

Pochi:*stops Doing the weird sound and wags tail*

S.D:Here you go! *Dumps the hole bag*

*A few moments later*

Pochi:*Sick to his stomach and lying on his back*

S.D: Note to self: Alligators like candy. tell Lily, just in case she is attacked by Pochi… *Hears Badtz calling for Pochi and is coming to backyard*

So i ran as fast as i could…. ands thats well all i did this morni- oh yea. i almost forgot!

I ran into the hottest fire fighter in the face of the planet! most of the fire fighters are old and not to cute. but this guy was youthful, Cute(Cute? HOTTIE!) and he said high to me! and all that could come out of my mouth was:”Fwi- i mean hi! *Turns red as a Radish*

Hottie:Your Cute kid.

KID! my whole world has crashed because he said KID he did call me cute though… *Giggles and squeaks*  but i look as if his age! :( WAAAA dat wuz wot nicey wicey! if i had magical powers i would give you a loooove potion. i might be going cookie but hey, i am in L.O.V.E! He Could Be The One! Mwa!

Well i will end this entry very soon. i want to ask:does the Sanriotown Pet shop sell Wolf spiders? Ask Ashley please. her  tale is a hoot. anyway… Tsunko do you not like me? i mean i am not trying to sound mean at all! we haven’t even met! *Sniffles* well i will be off now before i start crying for no reason. well bye!

Haven’t been on lately

Monday, August 24th, 2009

I haven’t been on lately have I? it’s just i have been busy… doing my thing yea know? i shouldn’t be so busy because i am not as popular.. :( life is sort of boring since school is back and the stores are quiet. most people are just in school.. *Sigh* no one has been on writing on there blogs…. i found my shoe and it’s really no so special when your other shoe is sticky and smells like it was puked up by an alligator… I want to hang out with people in sanriotown. but Pink bear isn’t home. Lily is on a quest, and Etc… I think i might leave this Blog as for now, maybe Leave it and do other things… like Cinnamonroll,and Badtz maru, and Zashibuta, and Etc… i always feel sad when i see Update:may 7 2008, :( i want to know what you guys think. should i leave this blog? or should i stay and write? oh yea look at this!

isn’t this cute? ithis made me happy!

i wonder who has this! isn’t it awesome someone has a blog with myself on it? and Sassy too.. my Scottie Dog is never mentioned but is shown.. how funny :P well comment on what you think of me. should i stay or should i go? leave this blog… well… bye…

Spottie Dottie

Hi Everyone!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

hi its me Spottie Dottie! yay i just made a blog and its really cool! i have checked out everyones blog, and Kuromi, your so in fashion! Black in white oh yea! same to you Badtz Maru! we should have a black and white club. anywho, since i have been gone for such a long time… i have millions of questions like.. who is cinnamonroll? he is actually really Cute… and, who is Hiiragi?!?! anywho… Chow!