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Harvest time!

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Happy October! it’s so cool that it is finally that time. that means it’s almost christmas. and christmas mean family and friends, and family and friends means joy, (Sassy in backround: And  joy means joy from presents!) >.< when will Sassy ever learn..? It’s better to see joy on another persons face then to have joy on your own face..

Well i must be off now. and seriously Daniel and Tuxedo Sam. STOP fighting!

I know your mother Daniel *evil smile* not quite sure bout your parents.. Tuxedo Sammy. well Bye!

Stop fighting!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

For the past days.. Dear Daniel and
Tuxedo Sam have been fighting like cats and dogs! (like animals in the human world) So when i see them at the ice cream party. i am going to teach them a thing or too so that they can be friends! Hmph! But… what should i do..?

I just do not like it when people fight! and i don’t want to be in between a cat and penguin fight!

Well in other news…. i am making a very special treat of ice cream…

Its fruit filled, from strawberries to bananas, and a secret fruit that no one will know. until they are done eating it and i tell them. it’s one of my grandmothers secret ice cream recipes.

but i get to make it home made. :)

well i must be off!

Spottie Dottie

Happy Day!

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Hi everyone its me Spottie Dottie! i ran into this magical fairy who did a magic spell on my paw. how did the words go again? From north to south. to this pups house. hear me call heal her paw! and bang! there it was! i could move my arm again. it is now umm…. a little flexible then before but… hey at least i can move it again! and if my paw was not healed i don’t now what i would have done. and whoever you were fairy i just want to say Thanks! oh yea another thing. Celebration! this is my 3RD month posting! it feels like yesterday when i heard that all my “Old” friends have a blog. and now i am very happy because now i have new friends! and where have i been for this long of time anyway? oh yea i love sanrio! they haven’t forgotten me yet!

All about spottie dottie! oh my goodness! this is so awesome! i thought i was just one of those people that were very famous and then wore of into a blur… anyway. at least i still am remembered :) anyway i better get a move on! i want my paw to gain its doggy muscles back up. by shopping and carrying very heavy bags!

Spottie Dottie the fashion Queen!

Spottie Dottie’s New Job

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Everyone knows about the new day care that just opened right? on the corner next to- Nevermind… anyway i’m thinking of getting a summer job there. What do you guys think? should i do it? or Don’t? if i do do it i will be close to getting my fashion business up and running.. *crosses Paws* if i say don’t i will be lounging  around my house doing nothing…. *writes another thing to do this summer: Lose some pounds* Hmm… i could do without a job.. and it will be my first… i need you guys to suggest to me what to do! Help me!!

bake sale was awesome!

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

so the bake sale went well i made…. 30 dollars… Wait what!?!?!..  300?!?!?!?!?! OMG!! ok let me change the beginning… So the bake sale was awesome we made 300 dollars Boo yea! i saw Alot of sanrio characters! which i was really freaking out about… i wonder if they will go to my pool party this saturday, oh i hope so! i wont say who :D was shoving the cookies in they’re mouth, and i was like Whoa!  but in all it was great. i hope we can do it again! thx everyone that helped ^_^

bake sale almost in progress

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

right now i am baking up a storm! with the people who are helping me that is. we at least made over 5,000 cookies! (i think) i took a picture of the thousands of cookies!! 

here is what the cookies look like! Yummy!Image Preview

I hope everyone likes them because we worked hard! and we are still working hard because we are cleaning my Kitchen! uh oh! we’ll have to do that later we need to set up and put flyers around! gotta go bye!!


Thursday, June 11th, 2009

You know, i was laying by the pool yesterday tanning and i was thinking, i want to have a bake sale, i’ll make millions of cookies. a cookie sale! and Free milk or soy. (for the lactosintalerant) anyway, i’ll have my bake sale at 3pm today! Wait. i better get cooking! anyone who Reads this can help me! oh! i need to buy an apron so i don’t ruin my Juicy Couture Dress! P.S bring a apron for yourself too!

Loving Summer…

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Guess what! im having a summer party and whoever wants to come can come! they’re is a pool, a drink hut, yea name it i game it and i wont shame it! oh yea! (i don’t know what i just wrote..) anyway Daddy needs to use the computer, i’m going to go out and buy a laptop, im sure i have enough money… i hope…