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Partay time!

Since Sassy and her “Lovey dovey” are out, i thought. heck why don’t i enjoy myself and go do something. and the party is a perfect thing! so i dressed up, in….. Lily’s Dress she made me! i also put my eye lash make up on too!


Hopefully i will catch the eye of a guy. :D hehe..

so anyway. i am here at the froggies house. i saw Keroppi, and Keroleen. i haven’t seen the other froggies yet..

the food here is very good. i don’t see why some people say it is all slimy. hey we sweat during the summer? so what’s your excuse?  anywho…. Hey! Grr… someone is peeking into what i am doing… @@… got to go. bye!

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  1. Breana Says:

    omg this blog is so tite and plz blog me at my info

  2. Says:

    woo hoo! PARTY!!!

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