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Birthday Time!

November 8th, 2010 by


Woohoo! *cough cough sneeze* *says with stuffy nose* Sorry. I’m a little sick today. I really want to attend Lily’s party. But I don’t think I’ll be able to make it T_T

My only friend has been pinky teddy bear my dad got me when I was little.

anway, Sassy says she’ll bring my gift. (She says she’s just going because of the food…) And if Sassy says” I GOT THIS GIFT FOR YOU!” please don’t believe her! *coughs*

Well I bettergo get some rest. My Melody is going to bring some soup over later I guess.. Well I’ll be waiting.

Spottie Dottie

Hey! I’ve been so guilty in NOT posting.

August 23rd, 2010 by

It’s Spottie Dottie here.

I haven’t posted since March, I’ve been so upset about my birthday. Since it was missed. I decided I’d go away from SanrioTown and visit my New York City.

Being a puppy walking around the streets is dangerous sometimes. But Sassy decided to come and join me. She bought me pizza, and well anyhting else.

She felt guilty for misisng my birthday.

But I guess I’ll be more faithful in my postings again. Be prepared for more postings! :D


Spottie Dottie

“Fill in blank” birthday to me.

March 22nd, 2010 by


Most dreadful day.

no one remembered my birthday. so i decided to get my self a cupcake. and put a candle on top.



even Sassy, my best friend forgot.

even my father didn’t mention anything.

*looks at little cup cake*

“I wish things would be better… soon”

*blows out candle*
…..The End…………


Gentil feelings inside…

February 9th, 2010 by

*sigh* Valentines is coming. and i do not have a Valentines of my own..

It’s going to be very lonley…

Sassy and her boy friend are heading for Hawaii. (lucky!)

and well nothing more -_-

i would ask to come. but that would be to much trouble.. -_-

well so..

Tuxedo Samuel’s girl friend turned human.. huh…?

Blue sounds like he is trying to make  Tsunko explode with all his “cutey” remarks.

Pink and her guest, and then Tommy… O_o

PS: Thanks Pink for the picture ^_^

well nothing that includes me :(

oh by the way..

My spots are back!! Leomax and the invention-it worked!

well now i can go outside again.. when i did do Sara’s art. well it made my fur all sticky.. :(

and when i did go outside. i saw the mysterious pup..


January 22nd, 2010 by

i changed my password. so that they don’t get on again. Dear Daniel emailed too that someone tried getting on. if we see more of these problems. we have to report it to SanrioTown ASAP!

and someone tried getting on Tuxedo Sammy’s file too!

three strikes.

well anyway…

nothing really has been happening on SanrioTown really.. besides the person trying to get on business >.<

but really nothing exciting. i think I have gotten a bit tired of blogging. nothing really happens -at all. i think it would be best if  i just leave -_- you tell me.

Spottie Dottie

this could have been a normal day..

December 27th, 2009 by

Author here. for you who have been on my file has really serious problems!

i had to change my password because of you. but then you jerks who did it got on, are you trying to find information about me?! why must you do this?

wondering HOW i found out? you evil selfish… whatevers

my friend told me! because he does this too! how mean you guys are! MEAN!!!

but why did you want to do it?

tell me who you are.

i can’t do anything to you.

so please.. all i want you to do is apologize and never do it again!

Paint.. paint.. paint.. and my story!

December 9th, 2009 by

Alright. i let the girl SaraJane into my house and she is setting up her art supplies. i hope paint will work.

but you can never be to certain…. well since she is doing that… it may take a while.. i never told you what the sleepover story was that i, told. well here it goes!

Once there was this girl who lived on a farm. she always had a dream of living in the big city. but since they were miles away. that dream was impossible.

one day she was picking some flowers from a bed, when this Fairy came with water springing from around her.

“you want to go to the big city?” the fairy asked

the girl nodded, but looked a little hesitated

the fairy laughed “don’t be afraid child, i can make your wish come true, but you must promise me, you will not forget that you came here because of magic. if you forget, you will lose everything you had made in your new life.”

the girl looked at the fairy, if she said not to be afraid, why did she threaten a curse on her?

“alright.” the girl said.

5 years later when she had turned 21, she had found the man of her dreams. they lived a happy life style, but one day he had gone to war. and not a word was heard from him again.

the girls heart broke. tears rolled down her face,

“dreams  cannot come true. it cannot. if it was real. why did this happen to me?” the girl cried out.

just then she had remembered, “if i forget, i will lose everything i had made in my new life..”

“I did not forget! it forgot me..”

just then she heard a knock on the door.

she went over to open it.

her eyes sparkled and cried of joy to see what she saw.

her love.. was home.

The end.

did you like it? i sure did enjoy telling it. well bye! Sara’s Done.


December 4th, 2009 by

*sniff sniff* I could of stuck with jsut being a labrador!

but no! i wanted to get the blackness off of me! and now look what happened! waaa!!!!

*sniff sniff* i am hideous! find out who ever gave me those cookies and fast! i can’t look like this for christmas!

and i can’t write to santa, because i am just a little old for that …..


well for me…

Spottie dottie

OH MY GOOOSH!! I’m A labrador!!

November 6th, 2009 by

How in the heck did this happen! my cute little spots are gone, and now.. i’m this!


I’m just going to lock myself up in my house


November 1st, 2009 by

oH i DoNT KnOw WhAt HaPpENed… bUt I Dont FEEL


*Eyes turn blue*



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