The end of Food for Friends 2 is just around the corner, and the donation points received so far are truly staggering! Guilds and players are showing they care by crafting and donating thousands of items, which will be used to calculate a cash donation to Doctors Without Borders relief efforts in Haiti.

Keep your eyes sharp!
But it’s not over yet – the point value for each item you donate is dynamic, and could change at any time! Pay close attention to the item point value on the final day of the event, January 30, 2010! There may be some surprises that could shake up the contest!

Now with twice as many prizes!
And some great news for everyone taking part in Food for Friends 2: the number of winners will be increased from three to six! So instead of the top three guilds winning prizes, it will now be the top six!

Food for Friends 2 prizes
First Place 60,000 Loyalty Points
Second Place 40,000 Loyalty Points
Third Place 20,000 Loyalty Points
Fourth Place 10,000 Loyalty Points
Fifth Place 5,000 Loyalty Points
Sixth Place 2,500 Loyalty Points

Everyone’s already a winner!
Remember, all guild members who take part in Food for Friends 2 are already winners, because they will automatically receive Loyalty Points based on their total Guild donation points after the event. However, the six guilds with the most Donation Points at the end of the event will also receive additional Loyalty Points prizes.

The total amount of Loyalty Points earned by each guild will be divided equally among guild members who participated in the event. You can use Loyalty Points to buy cool in-game items in the Hello Kitty Online Item Mall!

Thank you for your dedication and participation in this event for the benefit of the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti. Good luck and enjoy Food for Friends 2!

The Hello Kitty Online team

A new game has been launched in SanrioTown just for you! Called “Sanrio Bubbles II“, the game is quite unlike the first Sanrio Bubbles. Your objective is to keep the bubbles stay afloat as much as possible. Click to fire a bubble and move the cursor to aim. Watch out though, because colored balls get released from time to time, and they can burst and ricochet wildly to throw off your other bubbles! Create combinations to get higher scores and more time.



Play this and other Sanrio-themed games now by heading off to the SanrioTown Game Center.

Grab the latest and cutest downloads in SanrioTown now! Wallpapers, calendars, and e-cards are only some of the things you can download on the site. The best part is, they’re absolutely free! All you have to do is sign in to your SanrioTown account and head off to the Download Center.

2010 Dowload

Don’t have a SanrioTown account yet? No problem! Click here to get your free account now!

Sanrio Loyalty Points are considered consumable: you can use these to get the latest and hottest items when you play Hello Kitty Online (HKO).

Points can be earned through activities done on SanrioTown, such as posting in the forums, playing the flash games, and sending e-mails. To find out the details on how you can accumulate points please check the image below:

Loyalty Points

To check your Loyalty Points, please go to your SanrioTown account. The amount should appear on the upper left box on the page after you log in.

What is it?

What are you waiting for? Drop by SanrioTown and start earning Sanrio Loyalty Points now!


Food for Friends 2 event is getting intense which actually gives more pressure on many guild participants as the end drawn near.


A few more days remaining which ironically push the adrenaline rush to everyone aiming for their guild to hit the top spot.

 page selection

We never know and only future can tell. But whatever will be results, what matter most is that your efforts aren’t wasted for nothing.

guild points

Who do you think will reign supreme for this most awaited guild event of the year?

We will see…

From the time of its launch, Hello Kitty Online: The Introduction has hit big with its fans, culminating in its skyrocketing to become part of the Top 20 Emerging Facebook Games of Inside Social Games. Check out the complete list by going to

Few Big Names, But a Kitty With Growth Potential This Week in Our Top 20 Emerging Facebook Games List
Hello Kitty Online’s Facebook App Teaches New Users How to Play


So far this application already has more than 120,000 monthly active users. It seems everyone is captivated of the cuteness and the incredible amount of pink involved in it. The HKO Fever is spreading fast and once it reaches you…you just can’t get enough. So don’t resist since it’s expected that HKO will sure to change your MMORPG world in a whole new CUTE LEVEL!!!

The tutorial has been achieved, and now the training wheels are coming off! There’s a bonus game added in Hello Kitty Online: The Introduction on Facebook! Completing Chapter 5 will unlock the Hello Kitty Blocks minigame.

HKO Tutorial

In the full version of Hello Kitty Online, there are many minigames such as this one. Aside from the storyline you have on HKO, players need to sharpen up their skills and get high scores in the mini games in order to finish their quests. Players also get rewarded for their efforts with Friendship Points, Gold, and occasionally, special In-Game Items!

Kitty Blocks

You might not get all that in this Facebook application, but you do get to compete against your friends for the high score! So be sure to check out Kitty Blocks on Facebook today!

Food for Friends 2 – the popular Guild competition is back!

Play HKO and help disaster relief efforts in Haiti!

HKO fans get ready, because Food for Friends 2 starts January 21, 2010! This event lets Guilds compete for big Loyalty Point prizes, which you can use to buy cool stuff from the Item Mall! What’s more, players from select regions who participate in Food for Friends 2 will automatically generate real money donations to help disaster relief efforts in Haiti. As you know, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake on January 12, 2010 and help is sorely needed. Keep reading to see if/how your in-game efforts can result in a real-world donation, or go talk to Cinnamoroll in London on January 21!


How it works

This Guild-based event takes place January 21-30, 2010. Talk to Cinnamoroll in London to get started. You must be a member of a Guild to participate in this event. Cinnamoroll needs you to give him certain crafted consumable items that he is going to donate to the hungry. Every item you donate has a donation points value. Cinnamoroll will let you know what items he needs, and will collect your items as well as tell you your Guild’s current point standing.

Cinnamoroll is collecting 25 different types of food items in total. Each type of item has a donation value, in points. The donation values of the items change every day according to the previous day’s contributions. If a lot of people donated sandwiches today, then tomorrow sandwiches will be worth fewer donation points. Check with Cinnamoroll in London to find out more!


At the end of the event, all participants in Food for Friends 2 will be rewarded with a sum of Loyalty Points based on the total donation value of the items their Guilds contributed. Additionally, the three Guilds with the highest donation scores will win massive amounts of Loyalty Points. Check your region’s HKO announcements for more details on Food for Friends 2!


The total donation points accumulated by players in HKO North America, Singapore, and Malaysia will be used to calculate a real-world donation to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) for aid efforts to the Haiti earthquake victims. This donation is sponsored by Sanrio Digital (the developer and owner of HKO), Aeria Games (publisher of HKO North America), Burda:ic GmbH (publisher of HKO Europe) and Oriented Games (publisher of HKO Malaysia & Singapore).

The efforts of players from all other regions will not count towards charity, but players will still be able to participate in the event and enjoy the same great prizes.

Stay tuned for more event announcements in your region. This is a rare opportunity to grow your Guild and cooperate with friends and Guild members to win Loyalty Points!

The Hello Kitty Online Team



Hello Kitty Online : The Introduction

This Facebook application will teach you how to play Hello Kitty Online (HKO), the official online game of Sanrio’s famous characters. Hello Kitty Online transports you to a colorful world where you can make new friends, play mini games, tend a farm, make stuff, and build your own home as you enjoy fantastic quests and explore an online world like no other.

This Facebook application is an introduction to HKO and not the full game. To play the full version of Hello Kitty Online please visit

We’ve got a new song and music video for all Hello Kitty fans! In this music video/trailer you will hear a fabulous catchy tune and see gameplay from Hello Kitty Online including:

- different maps and the Sunbright Express train station
- farming system
- house building & customization
- multi-player Flash minigames
- avatar customization and items

I love this game! ~

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