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It Begins Here

This is it, my very own Blog. I’m very sure that not everyone knows me. But you’ll see more in-game. I’m GM-Azrael one the newest GM for HKO-SEA. To tell you guys honestly, I’m shy!

What is your GM name and why?

The name “Azrael” was derived from the name of an angel which is the “Angel of Death”. I’m actually a fan of many angels not just this. But I really feel naughty when I was thinking of this name which turns out to be this one.

Why do enjoy playing casual games?

Did you guys know that casual game targeted mass audience that doesn’t require any long-term time commitment or special skills to play? You can simply get into game playing almost immediately.

What attracted you the most to HKO?

Let’s face it, the game is cute! Spreading the love and cuteness in the world are all that matters. A non-violent and user-friendly game makes this unique from other online games.

Any other hobbies you have aside from online games? What?

Whenever I’m not connected online, my attentions are diverted on playing offline games.

What message do you have for the Community?

Share the cheerful game experience that you had to many players as possible. Let’s help each other expand the community and together let’s make this game a warm place to stay.

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