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Batman R.I.P.

I’m still on my Batman craze, apparently. Haha. Right now, I’m craving for this comic called Batman R.I.P. This is the latest arc in the comics, and it supposedly follows Bruce Wayne’s slow slide into insanity. As the title says, this arc ends with Bruce stepping down from the role of Batman:

I hear that the storyline isn’t so hot, but the art was what happened to be impressive. Whichever. What I’m really after is what comes, well, after:

That’s Catwoman, Hush, Nightwing, Damian Wayne, and Tim Drake’s Robin, from left to right. Those are technically the guys in line for the next Batman. As a matter of fact, in the most recently concluded San Diego Comic Convention, DC Comics gave out pins of these various characters with the lines “I am Batman” on them.

From what I’ve seen of Damian Wayne, I’d have to say that he had the best chance as far as Batman is concerned. I mean, where can you go wrong with a mix of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul’s genes? I wouldn’t mind Nightwing either, although he’s had way too many issues with Bats to actually want to become his former mentor.

Exciting times for everybody in the DC universe, it seems. One can only hope that this doesn’t affect the storytelling in any way, though; if DC’s starting to go Marvel, as one of my office friends said earlier, then that could be one of the worst things to happen in the geek fandom.

2 Responses to “Batman R.I.P.”

  1. cookie Says:

    Batman insane….. that’s normal. :D

  2. Chloe Says:

    BATMAN!! :D my dad is super obsessed with the new movie. haha. he’ll come up to strangers in the street: “ey, have you seen the dark night?” he’s a total collector of comics and what not (trying to convince him to open a comic store, ;D)

    anyways, thanks so much for all of your comments!

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