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A Serious House on Serious Earth

Okay - I can now finally post a review on The Dark Knight. I think I’ve recuperated enough.

Can I just say that that was probably the most awesome film I’ve seen in the past year? In the theatres, anyway. I’ve seen plenty of films that are just as good on home video, hee hee. But TDK was just oh so gritty, oh so noir that you’re liable to start to think that the world of Chris Nolan’s Gotham was more real than the real world (not that the real world’s that bleak; Chris Nolan just has this knack of making magic out of a more or less realistic situation).

I really don’t have anything bad to say about this film. During a conversation with a buddy, we both mused that if you took any of the elements away from the film - yes, even the horrible Bat-rasp - you’d end up with a lesser movie. The most amazing thing about this film was that each part worked with one another to come up with what I dare to call the best super-hero movie to date, blowing everything and everyone away. There is, there has been no competition. It’s questionable if there ever will be. I said it before and I say it again: it will be very difficult to top TDK.

And contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think it was all about the Joker. Sure, Ledger’s performance was stellar. But again, I say that you remove one element from the film, it becomes less of a blockbuster than it already was. I think the greatest thing I loved about the film was the multi-layered story, and how the characters revolved around the story, rather than the story revolving around the characters, a sickness I’ve come to connect with superhero films.

See? Even after a week from watching TDK, I still can’t give a decent review. :(

3 Responses to “A Serious House on Serious Earth”

  1. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    wow, I gotta watch this!

    Thanks for dropping by Speedy ^^ I’ve added yet another picture, it’s a super meaty burger now ho ho ho

  2. speedy3223 Says:

    a super meaty burger. . . sounds like something I’d like! :D

  3. LittleWonder Says:

    I was pretty surprised to see a Two Face debut in the movie. I heard they’re thinking about a Venom movie as well.

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