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The Dark Knight Arrives

I’m excited. In fact, I’m more than excited - I’m giddy with excitement. I could, in all possibility, pee in my knickers due to the excitement. It’s that bad.

Which is weird. Way back when Batman Begins first aired, I wasn’t excited at all. Who could blame me? As a franchise, the Batman movies began to stagnate when the negotiations between Warner Brothers and Tim Burton started to go sour because mostly of some of the things Warner wanted out of their contract. This happened during the filming of the first Batman movie, so it was impressive how Batman Returns still turned out to be impressive considering that Burton wasn’t exactly pouring his all into the film.

Batman Forever was salvaged by the fact that Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey were the bad guys; in hindsight, Val Kilmer really wasn’t able to pull off a believable Batman. Batman and Robin, though was a franchise killer. The neon lights, George Clooney, Alicia Silverstone, and Bane reduced to a thug. How much lower can you get? Arnold would have been passable if only they didn’t try to get him to play an emotional Victor Frieze by the end of the film, and Uma Thurman’s always been hot - but why oh why was Bane, the world-renowned Bat-breaker, reduced to a lowly thug? Go figure.

Bane broke the Bat, and you know it, rawr

So you can just imagine how skeptical I was of Batman Begins. Matter of fact, I put off watching the film until last year, when I managed to grab a copy off the Internet (anti-piracy lords, please don’t kill me). Okay, I didn’t just manage to grab a copy; I searched for one when I found out that the film had been directed by the awesome Christopher Nolan. His work with Memento was so amazing that I reasoned that anything directed by him can’t possibly stink. And I was right: Batman Begins, in a way, restored my faith in the film franchise of the caped crusader. It brought back the charm and the gothic feel of what Batman should really be like, what Gotham City should really look like. None of those neon lights from Batman and Robin. Go away Joel Schumacher. We don’t like you.

To fuel my interest in The Dark Knight even further, though, was Heath Ledger. The man was, in more ways than one, an awesome actor, although you wouldn’t notice it right away given the fact that his roles were mostly nondescript characters until his big films (I speak of A Knight’s Tale and Brokeback Mountain). I never got to see the latter, but I enjoyed A Knight’s Tale so very much that I actually went and bought myself a copy. And then there was the mysterious circumstances of his death. It was stated by Ledger that most of his time preparing for the role of the Joker was living the life of a hermit, eating lousy food, and reading nothing but a copy of A Clockwork Orange and Batman: The Killing Joke, both of which could very well drive a man INSANE, and I say this because I don’t think I could read the former without going into depression for a week. The latter, in the meantime, featured such morbid sequences of events that centered the story around The Joker rather than the Batman, and we all know just how screwed-up that man’s life can be. The performance of Ledger as showcased by the advanced trailers released by Warner Brothers a couple of months back piqued interest in just how evil the Joker seemed, in comparison with Jack Nicholson’s version of the character from way back in the first film. It’s been debated that Nicholson got the trickster personality of the Joker down perfectly, whilst Ledger was able to bring out the psychopath in the character.

And then some time after the film goes into post prod, Heath dies / kills himself in a completely ambiguous manner.

Warner Brothers didn’t even need to market the film after that. Like I said, I am looking forward to watching this film with the anticipation of a T-Rex on the hunt. As a matter of fact, the only thing that I don’t like about this film is that it doesn’t have Katie Holmes in it.

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  1. cookie Says:

    I’m not that excited but I will watch the movie.

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