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Tonight he comes. Well, this was the working title of the Will Smith superhero film "Hancock," and I think everybody agrees that the final name was an infinitely superior choice.

This is the only picture that does the film justice, I think

I have to say, though, that this was a relatively impressive film, considering that it featured one of the most unorthodox superhero stories I’ve ever encountered (Unbreakable doesn’t count). The special effects were pretty awesome, and the twist that comes in the middle of the entire film was - well, it was REALLY unexpected. Everything you see in the trailers, don’t pay too much attention to it. It was all just there to establish the hype. The real story begins after he gets out of prison.

I give this film a four out of five stars. Why four? Because this is one of those films that could have been stretched to a full three and a half hours in order to establish more story. Suffice to say that I think the film could have used more development between the main protagonists and a more omnipresent bad-guy should have been established. A decent back story (you’ll understand once you see the film) would have been appreciated as well.

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