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Doctor Who

This is a classic series. Seriously, a classic series. If you’re into sci-fi - and I’m sure a lot of the folks here are - then it’s either you know of this series, you’ve heard of it from a webcomic somewheres, or you’ve watched it or you are watching it. The new series in particular, which began in 2005, brought the Doctor into the contemporary limelight, ditching the hardcore cyberpunk appeal of the series in favor for a more modern set-up.

The series begins with the Ninth incarnation of the Doctor (portrayed by Christopher Eccelston), and his chance encounter with Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), the woman who would become her companion for a good couple of years. Throughout their adventures throughout time and space together, the Doctor and Rose would encounter various aliens both good and bad; what’s interesting is that the Doctor doesn’t always deal with all these alien threats in the same manner. Some aliens, such as the Doctor’s perennial enemies called the Daleks, are dealt with using only the most drastic of the Doctor’s methods, while others, such as the subservient Ood, actually take precedent over the humans.

The fourth season (the Brits call them serials) just ended last July 5. There will be no Doctor Who episodes until Christmas. The regular season of the programme will resume in 2010 (to give way to the filming of Hamlet, in which the Tenth Doctor’s actor, (David Tennant - how he went from Ninth to the Tenth is explained in the first season’s finale), will be acting).

For more Doctor Who love, you can check out it’s homepage here.

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  1. Migaotoyuki Says:

    My favourite programme,
    Can’t waiitttt
    David Tennant is absolutely amazing.

  2. Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Dr. Who for a while. It seems to be a favourite amongst geeks and nerds.

  3. Says:

    Thanks! ^^

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