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What . . .

. . . are your thoughts on the upcoming adaptation of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, which stars Brendan Frasier et al?

I read the synopsis from several online resources, and I have to say that the Jules Verne connection seems very very forced, for me. For one thing: the way most synopses portray the actual entry into Mt. Sneffels seems very haphazard, not in any way as well-thought out as Verne’s original rendition of the descent (wherein they had to go down the volcano at such a given time so that they could actually find the right tunnel that would eventually lead into the bowels of the earth).

As a matter of fact, there isn’t even any mention of Mt. Sneffels. The entry and exit points remain the same - Iceland and Italy, to be exact - but as the book itself says, there’s a large amount of active and inactive volcanoes in Iceland - what’s stopping them from picking another entry point for the plot?

Also, if you’re going to make an adaptation of a book, why should you include the said book itself as a plot device? I mean, get this: Brendan Frasier is a scientist, who finds a copy of the old sci-fi book by Jules Verne, with notes made by his (Frasier’s) brother that eventually leads to them falling into the volcano and traveling to the center of the Earth. Couldn’t they have used a more convincing piece of literature, in the same vein as Frasier’s The Mummy series, to get things rolling?

The script sounds lousy. :P And if the script’s lousy, no matter what 3-D effects they throw at me, I am sure to be disappointed.

3 Responses to “What . . .”

  1. Says:

    I haven’t read the book, but the movie doesn’t seem interesting to me =/
    And the 3D makes it even less interesting xD
    3D movies always empasize (sp?) the fact that they have cool effects instead of putting more effort into an interesting script =3=

  2. speedy3223 Says:

    i’m not saying the script’ll be bad. i’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. but if it’s corny, then they sure know how to wreck a good story. 3d’s fun and good, but if that’s all there is, then it better REALLY be good.

  3. Says:

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