Episode 39

Episode Title: Finishing off Beijing Quests and Starting New York Quests



 Kitty had to fight the toughest creatures of all Sanrio Land- Komodo Lizard and Fierce Komodo Lizard. O__O So Kitty decided to cook up 50 Kimchi. XD


It involved farming…. After cooking the 50 Kimchi…


 she had all the food she needed. Kitty decided to go the Celestial Plain first.


 In 3 hits…


 she got the Komodo Lizard’s Fury! :)She went off to East Zodiac Pass to face the scary creature- Fierce Komodo Lizard…. O__O


 After stunning it….


 she already got the Komodo’s Treasure (the HKO Wiki said that the Komodo’s Treasure is an uncommon drop). :o



 So Kitty went off to Beijing to talk to Deery-Lou.


 That was the last Beijing quest. :(


 She was sad that it was her last Beijing quest (they were fun quests). :( Kitty tried on a new item that she got from that quest- Bride’s Umbrella.


 Kitty was glad that she still has one more City quests to go- New York. She went off to Jersey Trails.


So Kitty continued on her New York quests…

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