I haven’t been on Dream Studio lately, my second video is about Touhou, Ten Desires. Here it is. :)

Hope you enjoyed the video

 Kitty was exploring around London, she saw many interesting things. When she walked passed the Guild Manager she saw this:


 ”A sign! London has a Fortune Teller?”

Kitty wanted to know to her future so she went to the Chatting Room.


When she got there, not only she can see the Fortune Teller, she also: paint spill on the floor and some mini guards are cleaning it, :P some apples that are sparkling, it could probably mean that there are about to disappear. XD

The Fortune Teller had told Kitty her future.


 ”A Boxpig Card?”

The Fortune Teller predicted that Kitty will get a Boxpig Card.


Hmm…….. is Kitty going to actually get a Boxpig Card? ;)

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