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I just logged on to HKO…only to find something about Magical Pets; everyone lower than B is MUTED! D:

Me: *stammers* W-why..? Oh no… not tha- *passes out*
Cupcake: *heard a thud* :O Kitty-sama? Are you al- *runs to the room*… right?
Red Lizard: What’s going on? *runs to the room* Cupcake? What happened to Kitty? O_O
Cupcake: Kitty fainted! D= *shakes Kitty*
Flower: *eavesdrops on the conversation* (Oh my…)
Red Lizard Why did she pass out?
Cupcake: Let’s find out! *shakes Kitty and shouts “WAKE UP”*
Me: *I get up* Oh..? *thinks for a moment* *orz*
Red Lizard: What’s wrong?
Me: Magical Pets…everyone who’s lower than rank B got muted…
*Flower wa- uh… bounces to the room*
Flower: Oh dear… it can’t be THEM again! I’m pretty sure it’s something else ^^; *tries to stay positive*
Cupcake: What are you talking about, Flower?
*Flower explains what happened in Candy Canes…*
Red Lizard: …
Cupcake: WHOA! That’s cold. D=
Flower: Kitty probably thinks it’s them again…but we should get to the bottom of the mystery!
Red Lizard and Cupcake: Yes! We should! Let’s find out what caused this!

So then Cupcake, Red Lizard and Cupcake have been investigating why did people lower than rank B were muted!

It’s been a while… but anyways. I’m thinking of being active on ONE HKO server… but which one? I got two paths (choices): the US/C and the International. Which one should I choose? Anyway got suggestions? XD

It’s been a while since I last did poems. ^^; Anyway, here’s a rhyming poem! XD

The school bell rings,
Everyone runs out of the gate
I, however, spread my wings.
Down there, I see my mate
My mate didn’t notice me at all
Which is good but I’m about to fall!
I continue to fly
through the clear blue sky.
On my face, there’s a shining light beam
so this was nothing but a dream!

It’s been a while since I last did these poems. ^^;

Yep! Here’s some more. Wow… it’s really fast to level up Magicians…well, I heard that Magicians are the fastest to level. XD


MapleStory has nice BGMs and really nice places such as this one. ^^


Is that a Shrine Maiden? Well…this is Mushroom Shrine so maybe she is. :D

And now skip 4 levels ahead.


This is another place. I’m hunting for a familiar card from Mr. Alli. :D Yes, they are frozen because I have a spell called “Ice Strike”. Well, I’m not called I/L Mage for nothing (I’ll probably show lightning spells later! XD

Now, we skip WAY ahead…about 20 levels later…


Yes, a lot has changed here. That other player? If you know who Kathie8 is then you’ll know who she is. I am now 106 and I’m an Arch Mage I/L! We have something called mounts. As you can see in the chat log, my pet turned into a doll. :( You may be thinking “Why not use the Water of Life?”. Well, you have to buy that item from the Cash Shop…. I can’t get it because I have no credit card! Sayonara Akachan Tora. :(

I’ll get more and instead making another post, I’ll just update this post. ^_^


Something crazy that happened today (10th May).


A screenshot of my Kanna. ;)


Another screenshot and look! Shikigami Haunting!


MomokoSpring and I attacking Victor. See those green meteorites? If one falls on you, it’s wipe out 50% of your HP. I got hit by some of them and used Power Elixer, which recovers 100% of your HP and MP. :D I’m using Chain Lightning and Momoko is using Angel’s Ray.


Going a bit back… this is when we were fighting Treglow. Yes, those are the things Treglow can do as you can see in he chat log. That’s what Angel Ray is (the skill that Momoko is using).


A screenshot of us fighting Velderoth. Yes, that’s what Chain Lightning looks like. Oh and Momoko is just teleporting.

More to come. :D

Hello Kitty Online- Nothing much… it’s been quiet lately. :(

MapleStory- I made it to my 4th Job (You have to be at least level 100)!! My character is now an Arch Mage I/L (Ice, Lightning).

Anime/Manga: I started reading Shugo Chara (on the internet). :D

My fictional story: Working on Chapter 4!

School: I confused my friends with a paradox. ;) The paradox is, “This statement is false. True or false?” *can’t stop laughing*

Screenshots: I have some MS Screenshots…just need to upload them. ^^;

Reading: I have been reading science books…could it be that science is my favorite subject???

Forum: Not a lot of activity…

Author: Cupcake, Red Lizard and Flower (as usual).

Red Lizard: Wow, drawing on mouse is so hard….

Cupcake: I know right?! It just ends up being messy…

Flower: Guys! Look at this! Chapter 3 is finished!

Cupcake: Yay! Let’s type it up!

CHAPTER 3: Training

“Before you go to your training, you better wear good armor…because ever since the creatures got hypnotised and they got a lot stronger….” Rika said. Rika rummaged through her Cream colored wardrobe [I’m inferring that the house they are currently in is Rika’s house]. Chiharu waited patiently. “Hmm….not this one. Huh? This one for boys! How did that get there…. no! Too weak!” “Hmm…. Unmei, have I seen that creature before…?” Chiharu asked herself. “Ah! Best old armor!” Rika said cheerfully. “Best old armor?” Chiharu asked with a sweat drop. “Here’s the armor I had before. Blue Striped Hoodie, Blue Tennis Skirt and Brown Runners!” Rika said. Chiharu tried them on. “Hmm…. I guess that will do.” Rika said. Then they both walked into the other room.

Keiichi, Hikaru and Hitomi were all playing a game called “Kagome Kagome”. Hikaru was the one sitting in the middle with his eyes covered while Hitomi and Keiichi were the singing the song and walking in circle around Hikaru. “Kagome Kagome Kago no naka no tori wa” Keiichi and Hitomi both sang. “Itsu itsu deyaru Yoake no ba-” They both got distracted when Rika and Chiharu came into the room. “Um…. what are you guys playing?” Rika asked. “We are playing Kagome Kagome!” Hitomi replied. “Okay…anyway, do you any of guys have a spare wand?” Rika asked. “I heard that Unmei is going to give Chiharu a wand so don’t worry.” Keiichi replied. Then Unmei came into the room. “Are you ready Chiharu?” Unmei asked. “Yes!” Chiharu replied with enthusiasm. Unmei teleported Chiharu to West Dream Land!

“This is West Dream Land, where brushtails and purlynxes walk around and where Wind Bell Trees and Caterpillar Tree stand.” Unmei said. “Since you are now part of Magicians Guild, you need to help them save Sanrio Land. I’ll train you. First lesson; Attacking creatures. You need to help them attack the creatures such as the monsters in Sanrio Land, the moles and of course, the evil Star Mole that started this. Here’s a wand. Now, to attack a creature, you use the magic in the wand and point at the monster.” “Okay.” Chiharu replied. “Now, attack 20 of these brushtails.” Unmei requested. Chiharu did what Unmei said and ran all over West Dream Land to find and hit the brushtails.

After hitting 20 brushtails, Chiharu walked back to Unmei, who was standing on a Caterpillar tree and said, “Okay, I did what you said, now what’s next?” “Good job, these brushtails were easy to defeat because of your armor but the creatures you and your guild is going to encounter are going to be a lot harder. Here’s some healing food. Consume them when you are close to the dying. If you die, you’ll have to wait to be revived and you’ll get sent to the town you were last in. Okay, next lesson; collecting- gathering, woodcutting and mining. You may have to do these stuff in Sanrio Land. Here’s aphid scissors. Please gather 20 Caterpillar Fruit.

Chiharu gathered from the Caterpillar Trees. After harvesting a tree 5 times, it shrunk “Looks like you have to go to another tree and harvest.” Unmei said. Chiharu found another tree and gathered when Unmei detected a Brushtail is going towards Chiharu. “Quick Chiharu! A Brushtail is rushing to you!” Unmei shouted. “Eek! The Brushtail is attacking me!” Chiharu panicked. She got her wand out and began fighting the Brushtail. After a short battle, something dropped from the Brushtail. It was something very rare… “Is that a…?” Chiharu asked while she was staring at the item. “Congratulations! You got a pet card from that Brushtail! Summon it now!” Unmei shouted. Chiharu summoned the pet and a Brushtail came out.

“Okay, back to harvesting…” Chiharu said and gathered. “Oh and by the way, another Brushtail is coming towards you.” Unmei distracted pointing at the Brushtail. “Eh?! Again???” Chiharu replied and then turned her head at the Brushtail. She immediately pointed her wand at the Brushtail. “What are you doing? You’re supposed to go up clos-” Unmei got distracted and stared at the Brushtail. “Oh my…” Unmei said surprised. Chiharu looked at the Brushtail. The Brushtail wasn’t even moving. In fact, it was covered in vines. “V-Vines?” Chiharu asked. “Chiharu, you possess an interesting ability..” Unmei said. [Back at the house] “Um….. true?” Hitomi asked. “Who knows what the answer to this paradox.” Hikaru replied. Rika came into the room. “What are you guys doing?” Rika asked. “We are asking Hitomi a paradox! :D” Hikaru replied. “Oh brother, -_-” Rika sighed. “You guys are weird-” Rika got distracted when Chiharu and Unmei came into the house. “How did Chiharu go in her training?” Rika asked. “She did well and it turned out to be that she has an ability.” Unmei replied. “And what would that ability be?” Keiichi asked. “I’ll tell you later.” Unmei replied.

“I’m exhausted! Can I go to bed and sleep?” Chiharu requested. “Sure the bedroom is in the third room.” Rika replied. While Chiharu was walking, she thought to herself, “Wow, what a long day! First, I landed in Sanrio Land, then I got chased by a wizard, after that I found myself in a farm, after that, I got told about the story and then I got trained!” Chiharu fell to a bed and slept. While she was sleeping, the group and Unmei were having a conversation. “Plant manipulation?” Keiichi asked surprised. “Yes, she pointed her wand at the Brushtail and then vines burst out of the ground and covered the brushtail.” Unmei replied. “This is interesting…” Rika said. The conversation ended and Keiichi announced, “Okay everyone, we will have a meeting at 8:15am tomorrow.” Then everyone went to sleep.


Which Madoka Magica Girl Are You?
Which Madoka Magica Girl Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

Mami huh? Well, sometimes, I do give advice. Hmm…. I can feel lonely sometimes. ^^:

What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

I must say, this result is pretty accurate. I am calm and don’t want people to know what I am thinking. 0_0 I do keep a straight face and I don’t express my emotions.

Lately, I have been bored in game… seriously, there’s nothing much to do! So I will be taking pet card requests.

Kitty_12’s Pet Card Service

Is there a creature that you really want as a pet or just simply want it’s card? Been trying to get it but no luck or too lazy to or even the creature is to get strong? Don’t worry! You can request for a pet card and I will try to get it for you! ^_^ PLEASE READ THE INFO BELOW.

 My ingame name (who’s doing this service?: Kitty_12 (that’s me of course).

Server: US/Canada AND International.

Requirements for requesting: What? There’s no requirements. ANYONE can request. Whether or not if you’re my friend, in my guild or even if I haven’t met you yet! Any level is fine too.

Date: Start date: After you read this whole post (in other words, right now). End Date: December 25th, 2013. Last day to get your cards, last day I’m hunting because the 26th is my last day.

You can request for a card just as long as it meets the requirements.


- No requesting for a boss creature! They just take long to get a pet card and it’s actually boring while waiting for them to wake up. These are the creatures you cannot request for.

- I can’t give breeding pets. Snapbeam is the only transferable breeding pet so you can request for that.

- You can’t request for Item Mall pets. I’m sorry about that. I don’t have any cash points. Same with Premium Edition pets.

Price: Huh? Who said anything about prices? It’s free! You don’t need to give anything in return. But if you do insist in giving back, then go ahead. ^_^

How to request:

You can comment here, email me or ask me in game. You must include:

In game name:


Pet card you want (it meets the requirements):


-Pet cards are rare but I will try my best to get it for you.

- I will soon make a schedule on when I’m online so you can look for me and get the card. Remember, the last day to get it is on Christmas but I recommend to as soon as I got the card (a day or week after would be great if you weren’t online when I got it).

-PLEASE remember what you need to include when requesting for a card. You need to include ALL of the three things in your request (unless you asked me in game)!!

Don’t be shy to request. ^^

I started playing MapleStory weeks ago. It’s a MMORPG. To be honest, I don’t know which is better…. Hello Kitty Online or MapleStory…. uh… I’ll say they are both awesome. ^_^Anyway, here’s a screenshot I took (I just used Print screenshot button and pasted on Paint).


As you can see here, my ingame name is WinterSayaka. You may be wondering where I got the ingame name from…. well, here’s the story of the ingame name: Winter is my favorite season. XD And Sayaka came from one of my favorite characters from the anime, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”. The creatures on the….ship? Well, one of them is my familiar while the other is my pet. I am level 76, think that’s high? No! It’s not high! XD The max level in MapleStory is 200. :o I’m a mage (ice, lightning) on MapleStory. ^_^ There are classes on the game. Well… that’s all I got to say for now. XD Maybe I might get more screenshots. :D

Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

Hehe… I don’t have a crush on anyone but… sometimes, I can act a bit tough and cold to others and I’m actually kind on the inside. ^^;

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