The Neverending Neverender
It never ends… lol


So yeah. Every morning before heading off for work, I shove my lovely earphones and plug my system full of blazing guitar riffs and ridonk bridge breakdowns.

I’m sure this kind of thing happens to all of you music junkies out there: you’re listening to an awesome song and then you hear the first 3 seconds of the next song. You retch for a second, hold it in and then hit the “Next track” button. I always wished for a streak of awesome songs ever since I got the ipod since I don’t use playlists (I have around 3,000 + songs that are shuffled) and the longest “streak” I had was around 5 songs before it got snapped by a bad song from *cough*Fall Out Boy*cough*

By the third song, I felt that a streak was imminent so I wrote down the songs on my phone. haha

As I am typing this, I am still amazed at how amazing this streak is.

Anywho, here’s the list:

  • Coheed & Cambria - Welcome Home
  • Rise Against - The Dirt Whispered
  • Thrice - The Earth Isn’t Humming
  • AFI - Love Like Winter
  • Rush - One Little Victory
  • The Early November - Ever So Sweet
  • Bullet For My Valentine - Forever and Always
  • Savesthe Day - At Your Funeral (acoustic)
  • Fall Out Boy - Grand Theft Autumn (man, they used to be cool)
  • Rufio - In My Eyes
  • Thursday - Jet Black New Year
  • Coheed & Cambria -Neverender (oh yes)
  • Incubus - Anti-Gravity
  • System of a Down - Cigaro
  • Hidden in Plain View - 20 Below
  • Rufio - One Slow Dance
  • Rufio - White Lights
  • Rage Against the Machine - Take the Power Back
  • The Offspring - Want You Bad
  • Outkast - B.O.B.
  • Nightwish -Wish I Had an Angel (dang this is the ultimate pump-up song)
  • *at this point, I had stop because I was in the office. The next songs were played on the way home*
  • Mudvayne - Death Blooms
  • Motion City Soundtrack - Last Night
  • Guns ‘n Roses - Paradise City
  • Darkest Hour - Pathos
  • Brand New - Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
  • Coheed & Cambria - Devil in Jersey City
  • Thrice - The Artist in the Ambulance
  • Atreyu - The Theft
  • The Bled - Shadetree Mechanics
  • Angels and Airwaves - Valkyrie Missile
  • Avenged Sevenfold - Unbound This Wild Ride
  • 30 Seconds to Mars - The Fantasy
  • Emery - Walls
  • Nightwish - Planet Hell (perfect HKO music. lol)

Alas, all good things must come to an end. This blazing swath this list did was purged by….. Fall Out Boy - W.A.M.S. (boooooooooooooooooo)

Share your awesome music streaks. Heck, share your playlist with me and the rest of the community!

7 Responses to “BEST.PLAYLIST.EVER.”

  1. Says:

    Try some In Flames, and some Amorphis. If you can ever find it, the “original” Warlord (from the 80s up to early 2000; there’s another band with that name).

  2. Says:

    Ehehehe…I don’t know any of those artists except Fall Out Boy. Got any Taylor Swift? =)

  3. Says:

    I never heard of any of them…..

  4. leia Says:

    Im thinking you should try some Black Flag. Rise above is killer song. Minor threat is good also. Of course, you can never go wrong with Turbonegro.

  5. Says:

    Liking your choice of songs…. well, most.
    I do not like Outkast very much- but, w/e.

    Try listening to Alesana(have you heard of them?)- It’s mostly like, intense screaming- but they are very good. Trust me.
    Also, Yellowcard and MUCC are pretty decent bands, as well.

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