The Neverending Neverender
It never ends… lol

The Tribe Has Spoken!

Oh man, I can’t believe Founders’ Beta has been running for only 5 days but a LOT has happened since then.

We’ve had a lot of feedback (both positive and negative, mind you) from players on game improvements. Suggestions were also thrown our way which were both practical and down-right weird. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our liver-sized hearts.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve always said to players “Take care of the players and the players will take care of you” and we, the HKO Team, are sticking to our mantra.

Here’s a rundown of the upcoming changes coming this week (don’t wet yourselves):

Translations: Some of the quests in London are still written in Chinese. They will learn to speak the English language some time this week.

Guild: I know a lot of you are clamoring for the Guild System so you and your friends can band together and kick crab butt but found out that establishing a guild’s requirements are ludicrous so we’re reducing it to level 20 and quite a bit of cash (so you and your friends can pool your funds… hey we didn’t say it was easy, right?)

House and Farm: During the CB, farming was one of the highlights of the game. However, the farming system is nowhere near the system we all enjoyed before. We are currently evaluating this but we have high hopes for it. Expect good news soon.

We would want nothing more than for you to fully enjoy the game and to support it. We did this Founders’ Beta to balance out the kinks of the game and to let you see the changes we’ve made fully.

Thanks guys!