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Wow, my mom says it’s funny that I got so many ansers to the last post, she says as soon as you mentshun S-E-X everyone pays attenshun!  Wut does that mean?  I got fixed, altho I don’t understand wut waz wrong with me.  The moms took me wheer it smelled funny and I had pokey things and a bare patch on my tummy when I woked up!  Then we back to the funny smell place and a big man took the pokey things out.   After I wented to the funny smell place, Spats kept hissing at me.  Wut waz that about?

Other than that, riding in the car has been very interesting and I don’t mind it at all!  I guess Tyler always yells for a long time when she rides in her cage, hehehe.  She’s not so big!  I am starting to go outside again and that’s very fun.   I will post again next time writer Mom has time to share her lappytop with me.

2 Responses to “So Nice to Get Ansers wen I posty”

  1. Haha! Good thing you’re.. all right? Haha:D Anyway, looking forward to your next entry :)

  2. Wait… a cat… writing a blog? That is so cute!!! :D

    Actually… I’ve never had to take my kitty to the… uh… funny smell place, so… I have an idea what happened… but… I really wouldn’t like to mention that in a community full of kids… :|

    Rofls~~ cute blog! :D

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