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So I am so smart, I just amaze my moms and my dad! I am also super fast and I like to play with water. I watch TV too! Writer Mom says those are all things that Maus and/or Bengals do. She did reeserch online. I hates it when my moms and dad go away for hours, how can I servive without my peepul? When they get home I run up to them and then I show them that my food bowl is empty. See, that’s what happins when you are all gone, don’t you get it? You have to stay here with me! But, they don’t lissen to me. Still, I know that they love me and that they will come back. I hardly ever think about being in the alleyway behind the big offis bilding now.

I know I said I wantid to be a New Year’s baby, but my moms say I was reelly a Crissmuss baby. They said that makes the most sense for how old I seem to be. I’m 5 months old now and they are saying I have to get sumthing called spayd soon. I don’t like the feelings that they give off when they say that. But I also feel that they think it is good for me. Does anyone else know about this? If you do, my emeow is skittlekitty@hellokitty.com. Fangs!

Skittle D. Squee (D is for December)

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