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Mama’s Got a New Fur Stole!

One of my moms said I have a big head!  Well, she said my head is as big as all of me was when I first got here.  I not sure if that is bad or good.  I can’t get all the way into my fort anymore either.  I know I am pretty, though.  My moms say that all the time!  My dad, he’s the MealMan, says he can’t get over how triangular my head is.  They think I might be Bengal and/or Egyptian Mau, a friend who has lots of cats says that’s what my pictures look like.  You can see my pretty markings in this picture, but not much of my  head!  That’s my other mom, not the one who helps me do my blog.

Why do I get in trouble all the time?  Seems like every other thing I do is bad.  Get off the table, leave the electric cord alone, don’t scratch the furniture.  -SIGH-

Spats is my friend now, and we even stand up and wrestle.  But she pops me in the head when I bug her.  I wish I knew what that Tyler cat has against me, she’s the one who looks like my real mommy did.  She still growls at me and sometimes she chases me.   I’m not so scared of her anymore, but I’ve almost given up on making friends with Tyler.  She’s just mean and nasty.  Anyway, for now my motto is, “I’m the baby, gotta love me!”

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