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I am getting so big, I am about 4 times as big as I was when I came here!  So my mom says we should put down some of the cute stuff I did, before she forgets it.  For instance, when I drank my bottles, both of my ears twitched in time to my sucking.  I have watched the big kitties a lot to learn how to do stuff but before that I used to wash my face by sitting up on my hind legs and using both paws at once.   I still sit up and look at stuff that I’m holding in my front paws, but I am getting pretty good at that bath thing now.

My other mom talked to someone at the store where they get my food and now they think I am a feral cat.  I don’t know about that, but I do know I likes to bite!  I bite clothes, the other cats, both of my moms and the MealMan guy.  I also bite papers that are on a table I can reach.  I gotted my first furry mouse and that was pretty fun, but mostly I likes round stuff that rolls.  I also like cords and material scraps that I can bite and roll around with; we has lots of those, cuz the other mom made dresses for some war that her and the MealMan guy went to last week; my writer mom stayed home with alla us cats.  MealMan guy broked my one rolly toy that had a bell innit, but the bell is almost as fun! 

 The black an white cat plays with me, she even plays ruff and bites me.  The cat that kinda looks like my fur mom is still mad that I is here.  I don’t like the outside so much, it makes me think of when I had ta sleep out in the cold, so I’m not leaving.  Besides, I have a fort under the file cabinet and a whole bunch of toys here!

My writer mom laughs and says that when I drink from the big cat water bowl or use the big kitty litter box, that she can just see me inna Pull-ups commershell and the music is playing…I’m a big cat now!

Purrs to all,

Skittle the Squee

My one mom has been taking lots of pictures of me and the other mom says that her friends online all want to see one of me drinking my bottle.  I almost managed to drink my bottle by myself last night!  The kitty food is good, now I have a dry food for kittens.  I did have kitten canned cat food, but I ate all of that and they can’t find it at the grocery store.  Maybe they’ll go back to the PetSmart store to get more.  But I got big cat tuna, so I’m happy!

 The big cats still hiss at me, but I mostly ignore them.  They don’t scare me.  But the people are much  nicer.  They say things to me like, “no bites” and “no kitties on tables,  or “no kitties in the kitchen.”  I’m trying to learn the difference between nibbling and biting on mom fingers.  And why can’t I get milk from my bottle when I bite it?  The big cats seem to know this stuff, but they’re not helping me.  I guess I’ll learn eventually.

My favorite right now is my one mom’s electric blanket.  I like to lay on it and drink my bottle, that’s as close to what it was like to drink milk from my real mom.  Sometimes we snuggle together, one of my new moms and me.  I also like their lamby blanket and I think there will soon be more pictures of me online, some are of me snuggled in the lamby blanket and some playing with my special gold cord that they wiggle around for me.  My new people rock!



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