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My name is Skittle and I’m a kitten.  My people think I was born on either Christmas or New Year’s Day.  I choose New Year’s Day, because then I’m a New Year’s baby!  I was found behind the MealMan’s office building with my brothers and sisters; we were all in a box w/ a towel.  The office people think we were left there by our mommy’s owner.  I wasn’t even weaned yet, so my people got kitten milk replacer and a kitten baby bottle for me.  I loved that, especially when the milk was warm like it was when my mommy used to feed me. 

There are 2 big cats here and I don’t think they like me very much.  One is a tabby like me and the other one is a jellicle cat, or some people call it a tuxedo cat.  They are both girl cats, but don’t seem to want to mother me. That’s okay, my people are good with me.  Now that I’ve started eating some kitten food, I go to snack out of the big cats’ bowls too.  So that’s probably not very nice of me, but I get scared about food, because I was so hungry from being in that box and having no one to feed me all that time!  I’ve been here a week and a half now and yesterday I finished learning about using the cat box to go potty.  I have my own little one for now, as I am so small I can’t climb into the big cats’ box. 

You probably are surprised at how good I spell, but that is because one of my moms is helping me.  She doesn’t want me messing with her laptop just yet.  When I get bigger I will probably do my blog by myself, so don’t expect too much from me then!

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