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Kon’nichiwa Puffles! The new site is up and running…. s h o j o k a w a i i r e v o l u t i o n

Check it out!

Kon’nichiwa Puffles! Don’t forget to get your pic and/or story in for the July Kawaii Contest! Read on f a c e b o o k for details :) an check out fluffville on b l o g g e r

Kon’nichiwa Puffles! For the latest Shojo Kawaii News visit fluffville on blog g e r …

We had to say goodbye to our kitty, Fluffy. He snuck outside after we locked up for bed and sadly was hit by a car. We found him by the road the next morning. He was a great, sweet and cuddly kitty. We will miss him forever. We love you Fluffypuff!
Rainbow and Fluffy

Here’s a new pic of Birkin. He has a short summer cut.


Rough Draft Logo

Shojo Kawaii is a Kawaii Fashion Brand for little girls and women. Shojo Kawaii will be announcing new characters this week!


Kon’nichiwa Puffles! This just in from Fluffville: Unicornia, the magical unicorn from Fluffville has made an appearance on planet Earth! She has agreed to have her picture made on t-shirts and lanyards and maybe more products later. She’s pretty shy. Please make her feel welcome by leaving nice compliments and buying a shirt at http://www.etsy.com/shop/shojokawaii

It has been a VERY loooong time since I posted on he
re! Very sad…but hooray I am back! I have EXCITING news too! Shojo Kawaii has products up for sale! www.etsy.com/shop/shojokawaii There will be more product pics and more products coming too. I also have a Facebook page now www.facebook.com/shojokawaiistore

Check it out and let me know whatcha think! Join the Kawaii Revolution! Have a Kawaii Day Puffles!

…and if you read this Rosie, congrats on your engagement!

I have used the disposable potty pads for Birkin for a year now and they work sometimes, but mainly they are a pain. This is because they tend to leak through as he has gotten bigger and he has trouble getting on the middle of the pad rather than the edge. It’s quite a pain to have to clean up leaks and buy several packs a month.

I have heard of Potty Patch and other reusable potty pad devices for pets and most recently I found one called the Pup-Head Potty. This potty device is made up of three tiers, a non-slide base, a middle layer, and a top layer of some special astro turf type synthetic grass.

I haven’t ordered one yet, however, with every mess I clean up and every purchase of more disposable pads the idea is becoming more and more wonderful. The reviews say that most dogs take to it rather quickly and have a better understanding of whether they are on or off of it so no edge problems.

Hopefully I will get one soon and give you my own review of this product. Here are some pics of a round mini potty and square mini potty from Pup-Head. Have a kawaii day! :D

pup-head-potty.jpg pup-head-potty2.jpg

For you ladies out there, like me, that hate to use public restrooms especially at gas stations, concerts, airplanes, etc. any type of port-o-potty or no access to one when camping or traveling, then this amazing product is for you!

Wow…lol I just reread what I wrote and it sounds like a commercial ad for this product. Oh well, I stumbled upon this cool invention the other day on the internet. It’s called the Pstyle, a specially curved plastic device that is made for women to pee into while standing up.

Ok, before you say “eww gross”, here’s the thing: it is small, discrete, and way more sanitary than sitting on a gross toilet that everyone has sat on to do their buisness. You simply go into the device over the toilet or ground, wipe it or rinse it off, and go on. If you’re in a stall, you can wipe it with a hand wipe or toilet paper and then wash it with soap and water later.

I thought it sounded very convenient and much cleaner than sitting on a gross public toilet. There are several websites that sell this $12.00. Here are some pics. I know it’s weird, but it is a good idea I think…just like the Diva Cup, which I have a link to on my blogroll and page about on the “Kawaii Inventions for Women”. Have a kawaii day! :D


A lipgloss that doesn’t stick to your hair…Hmm, does it really exist? Well, Covergirl and Taylor Swift believe it does. In an issue of Allure Magazine, there was an add and a short interview with Taylor Swift about a new lipgloss/balm called Covergirl Natureluxe Lipgloss. Taylor Swift said that what she liked most about it was that it didn’t stick to her hair or leave lines across her face when her hair went through it. I have seen this in the store and online and it comes in several pretty shades from very pale pink to very dark red/brownish. I haven’t tried this yet but this is definitely a “must try” on my makeup wishlist. Here are some pics. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Have a kawaii day! :D

 covergirl-natureluxe-lipgloss.jpg covergirl.jpg

Pet carriers and carseats are great ideas for keeping pets safe and taking them with you when you travel. There are some very cute and practical carriers out there to choose from. Never leave your pet in a hot car and restrain your pet in a harness, seatbelt, carseat, or carrier while traveling. Check airline rules & fees and pet-friendly hotels when traveling with your pet. There are several great travel accessories for pets: collapsible silicone water/food bowls, disposable litter boxes, harnesses, leashes, collars, pet calming treats, etc. Make traveling with your pet fun and safe.

The coolest brand I’ve seen so far is the Sleepypod. There are three types of Sleepypods: The Original Sleepypod, The Mobile Sleepypod, and the Sleepypod Air.

All three carriers can be easily buckled snugly into an automobile seat. The Mobile is a smaller version of the Original round carrier that can fit underneath the airline seats for in-cabin flight. The Sleepypod Air is made special for air travel because it fits underneath the airline seats and has special zippers that unzip to slide the carrier onto rollable luggage handles. Very convenient.

These carriers have comfy luxury liners that turn them into beds for your pets while traveling and while at home. They have strong mesh that helps your pet breathe, see out, and stay cool. There are also padded liners that you can get for accidents, supersoft blankets called Cloudpuffs for the carrier or use by itself, and Crater Dot comfy beds. There’s even an insertable heating pad that fits in all of the carriers that plugs into either the wall or car adapter.

The only negative thing about these carriers is the price. They are about $130.00 for the Mobile and $150.00 for the Original. It’s pretty steep but it is three things in one, made well, and comes in several pretty colors. They have shoulder straps and hand straps.

Here are some pics. I hope to get one for Birkin and one for Rainbow & Fluffy sometime in the future…maybe for Christmas. Have a kawaii day! :D

sleepypod.jpg sleepypod-base.jpg


sleepypod-air.jpg sleepypod-air-buckled.jpg

sleepypod-air-open.jpg crater-dot-pet.jpg crater-dot.jpg cloudpuff.jpg cloudpuff-pet.jpg

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