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…Why am I posting on this blog? Does anyone have any idea who I am even am anymore?
I have quit. Not because I want too, because it just… Happened.
Shinelly is no longer a OC of mine. She is too perfect, too flawless to be a character I use every day. I love all of the people here. All of them.

It just seems strange to say goodbye once and for all. It is my decision, theres nothing new here.. Nothing to do.

I’m so sorry. But my best friend here quit too, a while ago really, maybe thats what made me disappear.
Oh dear, how horrendously I drew, I draw a lot better now. Maybe Ill post them here.

One day.

I was thinking of making a new account, starting fresh, with a character I actually like.
Your thoughts? (Not like you’ll see this, =3=)
Ah well.

-Heather/Laura (Laura’s my real name. ^^)

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