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A sudden silence rose over the crowd. “He…” Called Amaya.

“He used dark Magic”  Finished Jenny. “That was brave of him.”

“Well, the magic war is over.” She cried.

I was confused. But oh well.

I sat down on the porch.

“I knew this day would come.” “I also knew I would nver be ready.” She started to cry.


Elizabeth came to the porch with me.

“It was just so sudden. I always hoped if it did happen, it would be when he was 90.”

We sat together, holding hands.

Then Elizabeth started singing a song.

Why does the world.

Have Heaven and H-ll (I know it aint swaer word but I dont wanna say it)

We look, at the bright side of this world.

Why cant it all be like that?

The little birds singing songs.

I would stare at them, all day long.

But now I must say goodbye.

I had a really good time.

Off to a better place I go…

Go ahead! Strech my wings!

Make me fly, id like to see you try..

Melodys stuck in my head….

You made them up with me…

I dont know whats wrong…

It came so suddenly…

I dont know why I felll…..

Now that your spirits next to mine.

I see your energy….


And now that your energys gone…

Whats my purpose?


Have fun….

Good time.

 When all of a sudden….


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