the sleepover!!!!!! ^^ WOOOOOOOO!!!!! YEAH!

This is how its going….

Me: HIYA!! Sorry were late…I had ot pick up Leomax and everything….

Leomax: Oh! Did I make it a problem….Im sorry….

Spottie: Oh no! It dosnt matter ^^ Your here and thats all we care about

Lily: (Nods then stares at Elizabeth) And who are you?

Elizabeth: Im Elizabeth! Im the thunder sky wizard! Nice to meet you….Lily?

Fenn:(appears out of nowhere) HEY EVERYBODY IM HERE! (dissapears out of nowhere)

Lily: ??? Now back to the subject! Yeah im Lilly! And maybe YOUU can help shinelly!

Me: Yeah!

Spottie: Now lets start to have fun!!

Leomax: YEY!!

 Pink: WEE!!

da end.

(Authors note: I left it like that because I want pink,lilly,spottie,and Leomax to write the rest if it ^^)

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