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…Why am I posting on this blog? Does anyone have any idea who I am even am anymore?
I have quit. Not because I want too, because it just… Happened.
Shinelly is no longer a OC of mine. She is too perfect, too flawless to be a character I use every day. I love all of the people here. All of them.

It just seems strange to say goodbye once and for all. It is my decision, theres nothing new here.. Nothing to do.

I’m so sorry. But my best friend here quit too, a while ago really, maybe thats what made me disappear.
Oh dear, how horrendously I drew, I draw a lot better now. Maybe Ill post them here.

One day.

I was thinking of making a new account, starting fresh, with a character I actually like.
Your thoughts? (Not like you’ll see this, =3=)
Ah well.

-Heather/Laura (Laura’s my real name. ^^)

Why Hello..

This is.. Shinelly’s blog?
Shinelly.. What is a “Shinelly..”

Oh.. How sad.. Im just going to fade away soon enough.



So eh…

Hi-hi! This is Shinelly!
WOOAH. I havnt posted in like, forever?! Only the author?
So yeah! Im hooked with fullmetal alchemist! A bit innapropiate for a 10 year old, but hey… ITS SO AWESOME OMG MAES HUGHES FTW HYYYAYSAYS! Hes so awesome.
Sadly hes dead.. D:
So eh, I like the idea of the alchemy used there. (Dont try to do fake alchemy. failureness. T-T)
Ive been doing it for about a week, but I decided to just stick to making little lightning balls instead. C:
Ah! All is fine for those who wondered.. Im planning on cutting my hair. heh…
But having it long gives it more ways to “tame” it.
But short makes it less hot.
Whadda chu think?
Anyways, the house has been fine. The month people are jumping all over. PX
I recieved a letter from the sky wizards.

(Authors note: Alot of you /like 2/ Said that you were gonna miss me. I feel luved. C: Im planning on staying, AND sticking on shinelly. A few other OC’s may post though. Maybe ill just make a blog for them. The ship ftw.)


Im planning on deleting this blog and starting a new one.
whadda cha’ think?
-Laura (real name. XP)

Oh my!

How long has it been…


Anyways, im happy to say that my one year anniversary on sanriotown happened a few days ago…

Im so sad that I didnt log in at that day.

Anyways, im also sad that I went off for a while, ill be really active now!
Heres a poem for you guys:

 Good morning. You were the beggining.

You were the ones that made me,

Completed me,

Gave me lots of joy.

I see some of you go, and I see some of you stay.

And at times, I go away too.

How creative, how creative you all are,

making sky wizards and seal holders.

I stare at the wide open sky.


Are we being taken apart?

Or are we coming back together?

You were the ones that thought me,

what the internet was…

Sometimes I cry,

sometimes I smile,

But none of that compares to the feeling in here.

My 2nd home.


I hope you like it!
Its my sorry gift…


Author Post.

Heh, sorry for not posting for a VERY.LONG.TIME. But I got addicted to pokemon soulsilver.


And a Fantage Fansite. kk? So, yeah.  But im back! Yay! And so is Shinelly!

btw: Does anyone know how to kick Reds butt in soulsilver? Dankiez!

DRAGONSS! (Author post)

Good morning.


Dosnt it look good. XD

Well, this is Heather, the author of this super mega famous blog that pwns u alll!!!!!!!!! MAOAHAHH! jk. Well, I just got soulsilver, ish fun.



Can someone help me?

Or trade?


Today I practiced magic.
The house went BOOM.
oh well.

Edisons sacrifice- Part 3

A beam of light came.

It surrounded us.

“No. N0 way!” Eizabeth said.

Jenny came.

Dream AvatarThank you.

Dream AvatarFor what? And no thanks to you.

Dream AvatarYes Jenny.

Dream AvatarThank you for freeing me. Thank you for lifting me. Until another time, you will fight another, and Elizabeth, this is for you.

Jenny dissapeared. Me and Elizabeth, were depressed that she lied to us. Elizabeth Got the 2 hearts.

Elizabeth: E..:EDISON!

Me: …I know..

It seemed wierd to confort a 16th year old when your 10.


Dream Avatar…hERE. welcome back.

Dream Avatar See you  in the realm…..

Then he was gone.

Elizabeth cried.


Jenny: Thank you to you. Now I hae to tell tom…

Elizabeth: We`ll go now!
And then they left.


Its so empty here.

Edisons sacrifice- Part 2

A sudden silence rose over the crowd. “He…” Called Amaya.

“He used dark Magic”  Finished Jenny. “That was brave of him.”

“Well, the magic war is over.” She cried.

I was confused. But oh well.

I sat down on the porch.

“I knew this day would come.” “I also knew I would nver be ready.” She started to cry.


Elizabeth came to the porch with me.

“It was just so sudden. I always hoped if it did happen, it would be when he was 90.”

We sat together, holding hands.

Then Elizabeth started singing a song.

Why does the world.

Have Heaven and H-ll (I know it aint swaer word but I dont wanna say it)

We look, at the bright side of this world.

Why cant it all be like that?

The little birds singing songs.

I would stare at them, all day long.

But now I must say goodbye.

I had a really good time.

Off to a better place I go…

Go ahead! Strech my wings!

Make me fly, id like to see you try..

Melodys stuck in my head….

You made them up with me…

I dont know whats wrong…

It came so suddenly…

I dont know why I felll…..

Now that your spirits next to mine.

I see your energy….


And now that your energys gone…

Whats my purpose?


Have fun….

Good time.

 When all of a sudden….


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