FINALLY! They’d postponed it once & I was So glad it was at last here!

So hi XD Today was obviously, the bake sale. & Even more obviously, I dragged Jamie there, whether she wanted to or not XD

The first like, three hours, we didn’t sell Anything. Nothing. Zilch. Beautiful or not, they were sitting out there. On a table. Whith me & Jamie sharing a chair behind the table. At first we had had the table & stuff up on the edge of the garage where people who were there for the garage sale, would see them. Or so we Thought they would. Turns out people are just so dull when it comes to noticing details. Like a cupcake stand. Then this girl who looked about twelve, thirteen, came & paid for a wallet. Didn’t even Look at the cupcakes. Just as if they were invisible. Me & Jamie’s eyes twitched. Oh. We were So mad. It didn’t make any sense! So we picked up our load & moved it to the End of the driveway so people would hopefully notice us. Then we had Several more people our age come by & glance at the cupcakes, but not buy them. As if they were so expensive! Jesus’s sushi! ERGUH! They were a dollar each! That was So reasonably priced considering it was all homemade & pretty & colorful! Then finally after three hours of sitting a lady came & bought one. the heart one. -Sob- but oh well, we coudn’t have really expected her to buy the lesser ones. Then we sold a few more. By then me & Jamie were starving, so I called my mom & she brought us some sandwiches, which were good because it was So tempting to Not eat a cupcake then & there. Then we sold a few more cupcakes. Then another few more. Total sold was only thirteen cupcakes, but hey, at least we sold some.

Then as we all were wrapping up everything, the cupcake stand, the garage sale stuff, Jamie found this duck toy & oho, had a blast. I did too! It was the Coolest toy Ever! It was a wooden dick on a stick with rubber feet flippers somehow going through there wooden circles that connected to its body &, well, it’s kinda’ difficult to explain, but when you pushed the stick foward or back ward the feet would flap. It was so cool! We ran around with it & had fun XD

Oh! I forgot to mention, I know this is another long blog but XD, Cassidy was there because Megan is part of the young womens presidency for our ward & there garage sale Was at her parents house, & Cassidy had this cute little plastic train toy that you could sit on & it had a horn that made a weird sound, so me & Jamie rode on it down the drive way XD

We also got to talk to Teal today! XD

My mom also took Jamie home & I got to see Nessie! Oh, she’s getting so big! X3 She doesn’t really look like a puppy anymore! -Tear- Then after dropping Jamie off & saying bye to her & Nessie, as me & my mom were driving down the road her phone rang & said it was me o.O I thought I was maybe sitting on my phone but it wasn’t in my pocket! It was Jamie calling my mom from my phone, telling her I had left my phone! XD So we drove back & got it. Then as we were waiting at a light we saw some people selling watermelon, so we got one! Yummy! Then when I got home I was So tired. & By then I had convinced my mom to not make me go to my dad’s for the whole rest of the weekend because I hate going to my dad’s because it’s SO boring. (She said I Had to go to my dad’s for the weekend because me & her had been rawring at each other for the past few days & she said I need to learn to appreciate her being around & being home where I won’t be bored.) & It made me mad because Jamie could’ve stayed at my house for a bit! But I was only able to convince her to not make me go after Jamie had been gone because I had to whine & be annoying & my mom would’ve got mad because Jamie would’ve been there seeing allt his & yada yada.

So that was an Extremely long blog today & I hope I didn’t make you fall asleep XD I’m really tired, so bye now!

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